320 | Hopefulness

Resilient people are hopeful people. C.R Snyder referred to hopefulness as the “perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways.”

Hope is not an emotion or a feeling. It’s an intentional mindset and a deliberate practice. And we learn it when we surround ourselves with other people who practice hopefulness.

In this week’s Gentle Rebel Podcast I explore the links between hope, confidence, adventure, and creativity.

Hopefulness and Resilience

Things to Listen Out For:

  • Hopefulness is learned from hopeful people (those who have a clear notion of where they want to go, are aware of how to get there, and they believe in their ability to get there).
  • When we spend time with hopeful people, we learn to be hopeful (set intentions, plan ways forward, and recognise our own ability to effect the change we want to see). It’s never too late to cultivate hope.
  • Why I’m been building my hopefulness on an adventure map this year.
  • Why I refused to promote a course about confidence for introverts and HSPs. And how it led me to inadvertently build my own “Inside-Out Confidence” Course.
  • The roots of “Outside-in Confidence”. It draws on our shame, eliminates vulnerability, and is propped up by the perception we want others to have of who we are.
  • How self-acceptance nurtures “Inside-out Confidence”. It grows through courage, connection, and compassion. And is validated by your values, worldview, and vision for the future.
  • The Two Drift Nets of Goal Setting – binary thinking about goals can derail our sense of adventure. And our favourite characters in kids adventure stories embody hopefulness in the way they approach their big challenges and quests.
  • How I’m marking the 10 Year Anniversary of the release of One World Less and The Prisoner – my 16 track album and novella from 2011.
  • A performance of stripped back version of Lonely Boy, the first track from One World Less.


Watch This Episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3F9R8uyHZYc

Despite Everything, Hope is Still Alive and Well…it has to be – https://www.andymort.com/hope/

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