Pick The Lock (Single Session)

"Big thanks to Andy for an excellent ‘slow coaching’ session and all the great questions that got me thinking about my path and joy! Definitely recommended for sensitive souls." - Amy

I work with quiet souls, sensitive types, and other gentle rebels who want to enjoy more creative energy, experience fulfilment in their work and relationships, and navigate the noise of life in a way that works for their personal pacing so they can build a life that feels good to them.

A One-to-One session is perfect if you're facing a challenge, want to progress on a goal, or are looking for clarity about what you want to do next.

It's amazing what one focused conversation can unlock!

“After a coaching call with Andy I feel listened to, understood and befriended. It’s rare for me to find someone I can spill my dreams to in all their muddled glory, and be met with such multi-leveled and helpful questions. I found insight, clarity and more curiosity coming to me as we spoke and long after. I appreciate his acceptance, encouragement and how he honours the experimentation inherent in our unfolding journeys. Andy is a relief, a kind soul, and a skilled coach.”

– Lindsay Celeste (Canada)

"In my session with Andy I experienced what it is like to have someone deeply listen to me, sit with me, and help me sort out my brain. It was such a gift. I came to the session feeling overwhelmed with the many thoughts and ideas that were swimming around my mind and Andy had this ability to reflect back to me what he was hearing and with poignant, gently delivered questions, guide me to a point of clarity I hadn’t experienced in a conversation for a long time. Andy clearly has a rich body of training and knowledge that he draws on."

- Sharon (Australia)

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Book A Session (Choose Your Own Price)

I know times are tough at the moment and I don't want anyone to feel unable to receive this kind of support. So, I'm currently offering a handful of no-strings-attached "Choose Your Own Price" session. After our call, I will email you with ways you can honour the time we spend together. But there's no pressure, and if you don't find value in our call, there is no obligation to pay me anything.

I can't wait to dive into what's going on for you right now and help you find a clear and exciting path to the next thing you want to bring to life.

Our call will be 60 minutes long, but sometimes conversations naturally need a little less or a little more time, so I like to allow fifteen minutes extra if needed.

When you schedule your appointment, you will see some questions. I'd love you to answer them if possible because it helps me tailor the session and make it as personally meaningful for you as I can!

Feel free to get in touch at any time with questions, additional information, or any concerns you have.

I really look forward to meeting with you soon!