Andy Mort

Haunting Soundscapes To Wander With

Music of soul and intensity, for the travellers, questioners, and confused.

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"Out of Sorts is exceptional. The lyrics and vocals absolutely shine…it's simply one of the strongest, darkest, most original lyrics I've heard all year” - Tom Robinson

‘It's amazing dramatic electro-political folk.’ - The Guardian

'Andy’s daring and innovative approach to creating and releasing modern music has proved him and his alter-ego Atlum Schema to be a bright beacon in the depths of British music today – watch out.’ - Bearded Magazine

My music has been compared to Peter Gabriel by New Sound Wales. I was described as a ‘writer of gorgeous, epic songs (and) a MAJOR new talent’ by Tom Robinson from BBC Radio, and as ‘touching that kind of unknown heavenly geometry in the middle of the night most of us songwriters can only dream of’ by Iain from Kid Adrift.

I am a student of noise. I love the process of using the recording/production of music in partnership with my songwriting to create thought-filled soundscapes. Music is the most natural form of communication for me. It’s my way of processing the world. Poetry and lyric creation have always been an enjoyable process of disentangling the mad chaos of my mind and the world around me.

I’ve had my music played on national TV, film, and international radio stations, and have had some wonderful opportunities to perform with some amazing artists (The Enemy, Noah and The Whale, Two Door Cinema Club, and Son of Dave, to name a few).

I have a new EP coming out in 2017 (Arrow of Time), and for a limited time I’m giving away two tracks from the record for free. Alongside Moon City, from the album One World Less which has garnered a lot of radio play and enthusiasm in Greece (and surrounding areas). It even paved the way for an invitation to perform at a TEDx conference in Cyprus at the end of 2015. It started as a relatively obscure album track, and has flourished into a very important song for me and my music journey, which is why I’m sharing it with you for this limited time.

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