The Gentle Rebel Podcast is a weekly podcast for introverts, Highly Sensitive People and anyone who might think of themselves as a creative misfit. The show is dedicated to exploring a variety of themes that help to encourage, inspire, and equip people: those who want to make the world a better place without getting overwhelmed or burned out.

My Goal

My goal is to help you create the impact you were born to make in a noisy, absurd, and often overwhelming world. I am a Highly Sensitive (social) Introvert and have built a portfolio career around my creative pursuits since 2009. I will share with you my experiences as a “Gentle Rebel” in a world that doesn’t seem to stop shouting and assuming weird truths. Week by week I unpack some of the subtle and absurd challenges that we face when we choose to live differently and challenge the status quo.

My Hope

My hope is that it will help you find your voice, create your purpose, and live with passion so that you can flourish as the Gentle Rebel you were born to be, trekking your own as yet untrodden path.

From Perfectionist to

#237: Are You a Perfectionist? There Are Ways Out! (With Caroline McGraw) [Podcast]

In this week’s episode we are joined by Caroline McGraw. She is the creator of A Wish Come Clear, where she helps people trade their perfectionism for possibility. I first…

The Myers-Briggs Test is Still Helpful

#236: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Still Has a Lot to Teach Us (a chat with Bo Miller) [Podcast]

You may well be familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It’s one of the most recognised and used personality tests in the world. It is based on the psychological theory…

#235: Energy Flows and Travel for Introverts and Sensitive Types [Podcast]

Travel and movement are a big part of modern life. This is something that I know a fair few introverts and sensitive types hold in balance. They find creative energy…

Faris Khalifeh and Quiet Leadership

#234: Become a Self-Aware Introvert and Align With Your Unique Gifts – in Conversation with Faris Khalifeh [Podcast]

What are your biggest strengths? Do you know what your core personal values are? How about your personality type? These are questions that we must take seriously if we’re going…

Craft a Healthy Morning Routine

#233: How to Break-Through in Creating an Energising Morning Routine [Podcast]

Do you have a similar, intentional, thought-out morning routine to start each day? Or do you tend to wing it, seeing success as managing to leave the house more or…

You've got to make a little mischief

#232: 10 Positive Ways to Make Mischief as a Gentle Rebel [Podcast]

I really like the word mischief. It’s a playful idea with a child-like cheekiness about it, which I think we can learn a lot from. Mischief doesn’t carry any maliciousness…

Blind Spots and Self-Awareness

#231: Identify Your Blind Spots and Develop Self-Awareness In Healthy and Positive Ways [Podcast]

Do you know people who don’t seem to see the role they play in creating their own problems? People where it seems so obvious to you why they are not…

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