Building and Breaking Rapport

Rapport [Podcast]

Do you take on the moods, energy, and emotions of other people? Many highly sensitive people experience this. They absorb the moods of individuals and crowds, and take them on…

Chasing Great

Chasing Great [Podcast]

When I was flying back from Australia in January, I watched Chasing Great. A film about the life and career of Richie McCaw, who was arguably one of the best…

The Tyranny of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking [Podcast]

What do you need to hear from people when bad things happen? Encouragement to realise that ‘everything happens for a reason’? Advice about how to think more positively? A reminder…

The impact of news on our health and wellbeing

News [Podcast]

Yesterday I made a bold move. I turned the microphone off after recording this week’s podcast, and realised that I needed to actually take action on something I said. So…

Rebel Community - How to Belong When You Don't Fit in

Part 6: Rebel Community (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

How can you belong when you don’t fit in? The need to belong is strong in humans. It’s key to our survival. Without it, we would have been left to…

Fitting In Starts Within

Part 5: Stop Fitting In (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

Have you ever done something you didn’t really want to do because you wanted to fit in? Was it below the standards and expectations you would ideally set for yourself?…

Breaking the Systems of Control

Part 4: What Truly Matters to YOU? (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

The rebel questions the systems on which our lives run. But not from a desire to bring about a world of chaos and anarchy. True rebellion is quite different from…

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