#220: Do You Need to Be More Assertive? Really? [Podcast]

What does it mean to be assertive? Is it a word you would use to describe yourself? Being assertive is a really useful tool to have in the kit bag….

Build Canvasses for People to Paint On

#219: Why You Should Build Canvasses for Other People to Paint on [Podcast]

Do you struggle to find opportunities for you to take the things you want to do in life further? Does it feel like other people get chances and you get…

#218: Do You Know What Makes Your Gentle Rebel Metronome Tick? [Podcast]

What makes your internal metronome tick?

Be an Artist...Make Somebody's Day

#217: The World Needs Your Art, Now Go and Make Somebody’s Day [Podcast]

The theme of this week’s podcast changed when I became inspired by a thread on Twitter by Laura Kidd (She Makes War): THREAD! I’ve been making a big effort in…

Know what you want?

#216: Do You Actually Know What You Want? [Podcast]

Knowing what you want is a question which plagues much of life. It underpins many modern day anxieties that we carry about bubbling beneath the surface. On the surface, the…

Immortality Projects and the Symbolic Self

#215: Do You Know What Your Two Selves Are Up To This Evening? [Podcast]

Do you know the difference between your physical self and your symbolic self?  In his seminal 1974 book, The Denial of Death, Ernest Becker introduced this argument that there is…

#214: 8 Slightly Unusual Ways to Create More Energy in Day to Day Life [Podcast]

The world can get pretty overwhelming. When you’re attempting to balance all of the commitments and pressures that unrelentingly come at you from all angles. Where do people find the…

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