Everything is Connected


We have woken up to a simple yet profound truth… Everything and everyone is connected. These are extraordinary times. I’ve just returned from my ‘one form of daily outdoor exercise’….

Quitting is Always an Option


We can attach a lot of meaning to the idea of ‘quitting’. Whether it’s the judgement that ‘winners DON’T quit’, ‘winners know WHEN to quit’, or the mantra that ‘quitting…



My introduction to the word ‘minimalism’ was as a teenager, being introduced to Brian Eno’s Ambient 1/Music for Airports. It was like the sweetest breath of fresh air down my…



At the start of a new year it feels natural to think about vision, priorities, and goals. I haven’t set any goals this year. This wasn’t a conscious decision. In…


We are surrounded by spirit; the by-product of what goes on. Other people, events, relationships (past and present), experiences etc. Our lives are influenced by, touched by, and informed by,…

What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

How Would You Encourage, Reassure, or Inspire Your Younger Self?

What do you wish your younger self could have known about life, the world, and themselves? This is the sixth and final part of Serenity in the Trenches, a series…

Message in a Bottle

What Message Do You Want People to Know, Believe, or Feel About Themselves?

There is an old adage that says, ‘hurt people hurt people’. We’ve all experienced the truth of this message. Probably as both the giver and receiver at different points. It’s…

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