Songwriter | Sound Artist | Slow Coach

Hi. I'm a songwriter, sound artist, and professionally qualified coach.

Through 1-2-1 coaching and The Haven membership, I help highly sensitive people connect with and use their natural creativity to befriend their nervous system and design life in sustainable, meaningful, and playful ways that reflect who they are deep inside.

I am also a songwriter and gigging musician. You can listen to my music and find out about upcoming shows here.

What Drives My Work

  • I'm deeply passionate about building spaces and creating resources for sensitive souls to connect with their natural rhythms, other people, and the world around them
  • I blend a person-centred coaching approach (I qualified through The Coaching Academy and am an ICF member) with creative practices and play, to support unique temperaments, backgrounds, and situations
  • I have personal and professional interests in the Polyvagal Theory and foundational training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Transactional Analysis - I will continue to develop my knowledge and learn from experts and practitioners in these areas
  • I love using music in my coaching, working with clients to develop personalised sound anchors and soundscapes that reflect who they are and the focus they want to build their life around
  • Creativity is my biggest passion - it's a way to process the world, consciously express ourselves, and open up pathways to learn more about what WANTS to be expressed beneath the conscious surface - I love helping others connect with their creative sound and voice

Experiencing Overwhelm, Emotional Fatigue, or a Lack of Clarity About Your Next Steps?

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?

  • "I feel like I want to make changes in my life, but I get overwhelmed when I try to figure out where to start"
  • "I keep getting drawn down rabbit holes that distract me from what I want to focus on"
  • "I feel like I'm going through the motions in certain areas of my life (I experience functional numbness)"
  • "My inner critic seems to have the last word on what I do - often I end up wanting to retreat and hide from the noisy world"
  • "I'm exhausted by my tendency to overthink every little detail"

If these thoughts ring true, you're in the right place because I am passionate about supporting people like you. I will help you observe and explore ways to meet the needs beneath the noise, connect with your creative spirit (what gives you sparkle), and move towards emotional connection and sensory regulation.

You can start by signing up for my email list to gain access to my notes from a slow coach where I share what I've been thinking, learning, and noticing recently.

Notes From a Slow Coach Big


  • I want to see the world slow down, connect, and meet the needs beneath the noise
  • I long to live in a world of calm humility that stops rewarding greed, makes space to enjoy and embrace our messy imperfections, and encourages us to create things that genuinely enrich, add deep intrinsic value, and enhance our lives in generative and sustainable ways
  • I want to see the deeply transformational aspects of coaching used, not as a tool to accumulate and consume faster, but as a way to connect deeper at different levels
  • I want our focus to shift from productivity (striving for outcomes) towards creativity (coming into connection with process, play, and being)
  • I long to see growth in relational communication, unshackled creative spirit, and embodied sensory awareness in the people, organisations, and communities I work with


  • I produce resources through the lens of my Creative Connection Framework to help us explore ways to create more connection in personal, interpersonal, and cultural contexts
  • I teach from a ground of data supported research, especially regarding sensory processing sensitivity and personality psychology
  • I partner with clients to create bespoke tools they can freely use and build on for the rest of their lives
  • I continue my own research, personal and professional development, and reading to deepen my knowledge and understanding and stay up to date with the latest developments
  • I draw on a network of other professionals and experts, to consult and collaborate with, to create clear and up to date resources
  • I facilitate safe and accepting spaces for people to explore, learn, and grow together


  • I think humans are (on the whole) frigging brilliant, but we easily drift into patterns that create disconnection - if we are going to survive (and thrive), we need to be connected to ourselves, one another, and our place in the bigger story
  • Many of our personal, interpersonal, and cultural antagonisms can be traced to points of disconnection, separation, and a breakdown of listening (to ourselves, one another, and our collective stories) along the path
  • There is a huge amount of important change to be done in our communities, societies, and the world at large but we can't do that if we're dyregulated, overwhelmed, and operating in a state of survival...
  • I want sensory processing sensitivity to become part of our collective reflective and planning rhythms because engaging our senses (as individuals and a species) will make the experience of living so much more enriching and rewarding, and maybe even a little less precarious