In a musical ode to time's relentless march, Andy Mort releases his latest single, "Still Time", a poignant track born in the echoes of a building due for demolition.

Recorded during an art exhibition at the LTB Showrooms in Coventry, the theme "Rapid Response," Andy has woven together answers from attendees to a question that was inspired by the building’s looming demise, "If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, what would you choose to do (or not do)?" The result is a cocktail of emotive lyrical hooks, reflecting common themes around our relationship with finite time.

Beneath the lyrics, "Still Time" paints a fragile melodic soundscape on a beat made from sounds found around the LTB Showrooms. Andy wanted to let the building speak before it falls silent, capturing unique rhythms from creaking floorboards and the resonant echoes of opening and closing doors.

“Andy's sharp observational songwriting and fund of fascinating anecdotes absolutely captivated the audience. A born storyteller and charismatic singer at the height of his powers.” - Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)


Music and Lyrics written and performed by Andy Mort
Inspired by attendees of the Rapid Response Exhibition at the LTB Showrooms, Coventry (October 2023) with Jane Bracey
The beat is made from creaking floorboards and doors around the Litten Tree Building

Special thanks to:
Atmos (bass guitar recorded on location at the LTB)
David Smout (guitars and additional production)
Ben Munday (guitar)
Matt Cotterill at 300 Acre Studios (production and mixing)
Mastered by JP Braddock at FormationAudio

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