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Andy Mort - Songwriter and Slow Coach for Gentle Rebels

I am a sound artist, songwriter, and professionally qualified life coach. I prefer to call myself a 'Slow Coach' because I love making spaces for weary travellers who are exhausted by the pace and pressure of modern existence. I help gentle rebels and sensitive souls connect with their creative spirit and find sustainable rhythms to build their life on.

I also work with organisations and small businesses to help them design environments where introverts and sensitive types can bring their best and thrive.

“There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

I believe it's the same for the conditions around our lives, workplaces, and relationships. There are often small things we can become aware of and change that can make a world of difference to personal well-being.

People I Work With Tend To Seek Coaching Because They Are Either:

  • Exhausted by the pace of the world (struggling to regulate their nervous system and move out of a state of stress response or functional numbness)
  • Seeking awareness and understanding about the impact of their temperament and reframing their story to understand it in light of their innate sensitivity (so they can identify values and goals that are personally meaningful and compelling)
  • Wanting to explore their creative potential and establish rhythms and routines that work for THEM and THEIR goals

As a highly sensitive person myself, I understand the basic needs underlying the temperament trait. This enables me to create a safe, trustworthy, and empowering environment bespoke to each individual.

I facilitate opportunities for people to listen for the needs beneath the feelings—something which is so often overlooked in our fast-paced world.

I help you understand and make sense of those needs so you can design meaningful and sustainable habits and spaces.

I have supported people to make positive progress with holding boundaries, building creative practices/projects, improving communication, befriending the nervous system, and live performance. Whatever it is you want to transform, I would love to partner with you as you make it happen.

I believe there are always sustainable and energising ways to turn your dreams into goals, and goals into small and simple actions that don't need to burn you out. By understanding and partnering with your natural sensitivity, you are capable of designing a life of meaning and creative joy. "Even" (ahem, especially), as a highly sensitive person.

And for the record, despite what some people might say, I have seen profound change occur from inside the comfort zone. In fact, I think that's usually where enduring change DOES happen for many HSPs.

My Coaching Approach/Process

I am an accredited and fully insured coach, and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I qualified through The Coaching Academy in 2020 and have experience working with highly sensitive individuals from different backgrounds worldwide since 2014 when I launched The Haven, a private community space for HSPs to meet, learn, and grow together. You can view my credentials and commitment to the ICF Code of Ethics here.

Coaching is a partnership, so the effectiveness and quality of the relationship between the coachee and coach is vital. It is important for you as the coachee to have confidence that the partnership will help you accomplish your objectives. This is why I always focus on building safety, trust, empathy, mutual respect, and confidentiality. This is a fundamental foundation for a non-directive (I don't tell you what you "should" do), strengths-based (I help you recognise the power you already have at your disposal) approach to achieving the outcomes you care about.

Creating a spirit of rest and openness

I start sessions with space to slow down and reflect. Creative options and good decisions don't arise from urgency and pressure. I ensure a relaxed and open conversation so that you can develop self-understanding around motivations, values, strengths, weaknesses, and the things you might be gripping onto without realising.

I see every coachee as fundamentally resourceful. In other words, you have the strengths, creativity, and adaptability to identify what you need for the next step in serving your bigger objectives. As a coach, it is my role to help you become aware of and draw on that resourcefulness so you can identify and take simple steps with clarity and power.

I work with you to support your needs when it comes to challenging you and providing accountability as you move forwards. This is something we figure out and agree on together in light of your personal preferences and needs.

Flexible Structure For Deep Processing

I also work with you to design rhythms that allow space for different levels of processing to occur. For example, I offer a mixture of in-person calls, written prompts for reflection, and asynchronous video/audio exchanges. Everyone has different needs, so we decide together the best approach for you.

Would You Like To Work Together?

Does this sound like a good fit? If so, I would love to hear more about what you would love to untangle, get clear on, and/or grow. It would be great to partner with you during this next chapter of your story!

A "Pick The Lock" call is the perfect place to start.

Pick The Lock is a one-off coaching session, where we can get to know each other, explore what's going on for you, and figure out the best next steps you want to take. I offer these sessions as "choose your own price" and there are no strings attached.

Or if you're ready for some longer term support, my Fireside Programs are a great way to build accountability and momentum into your life. I currently have spaces available on my Fireside Rest Program, after which I create a personal sound anchor just for you.

In the bespoke six-part One-to-One program, we use stories, poetry, music and creative prompts to play together and give your mind and body space to return to a place of creative rest.

Any questions? Get in touch here:

“After a coaching call with Andy I feel listened to, understood and befriended. It’s rare for me to find someone I can spill my dreams to in all their muddled glory, and be met with such multi-leveled and helpful questions. I found insight, clarity and more curiosity coming to me as we spoke and long after. I appreciate his acceptance, encouragement and how he honours the experimentation inherent in our unfolding journeys. Andy is a relief, a kind soul, and a skilled coach.”

– Lindsay Celeste (Canada)

"When you can’t see the wood from the trees, it helps to have another person's perspective. Andy helped me make sense of things as we talked through my business and creative work. His kind and patient approach was exactly what I needed to get clear on what matters most to me so I can put it into practice. If you need someone to see things from your point of view, and who won’t lose focus, Andy’s your man. He was attentive, grasped the complexity of my situation, and posed wise questions that helped me find clarity."

- Mark (United Kingdom)

"In my session with Andy I experienced what it is like to have someone deeply listen to me, sit with me, and help me sort out my brain. It was such a gift. I came to the session feeling overwhelmed with the many thoughts and ideas that were swimming around my mind and Andy had this ability to reflect back to me what he was hearing and with poignant, gently delivered questions, guide me to a point of clarity I hadn’t experienced in a conversation for a long time. Andy clearly has a rich body of training and knowledge that he draws on."

- Sharon (Australia)

Other Options

If you don't quite feel ready for a One-to-One partnership, The Haven (community) and The Return to Serenity Island (self-paced course) are great options depending on what you need. Take a look below to learn more. Struggling to choose? Send me a message and I'd love to help you decide the best way forward based on your current situation and needs.


The Haven is a virtual village where highly sensitive people can find space and support to rest, re-frame, and rebuild from the inside out. It's a refuge for weary travellers gently rebellious souls looking for a calmer rhythm, a friendly network, and a deep breath a spirit of playful creativity.

This is an online membership community


Re-imagine life as an adventure story!

"A unique mixture of sound and sensory experience, coaching, imaginative play and informal, companionable talks. I'm absolutely hooked. I just did a module and cried like a baby cause I felt so safe and seen. It is really special." - Josie

This is a rich course full of tools I use in coaching, that you can complete at your own pace over 12 months

I am a professionally trained and accredited personal performance coach and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Coaching Accreditations

"Andy shows up with a remarkable calm, peaceful and authentic presence which powerfully projects through the screen and directly into your heart. He's facilitating a safe space where insights and fresh ideas may easily occur. Even for someone with trust issues like me, it was easy to feel safe and comfortable in his warm presence already from the beginning of the first conversation."

- Elin (Norway)

"Big thanks to Andy for an excellent ‘slow coaching’ session and all the great questions that got me thinking about my path and joy! Definitely recommended for sensitive souls."

– Amy (Australia)

"In my time with Andy, he helped me to realign my business with my values as an authentic expression of me. This process has given me the confidence to realize that the business I am building is actually possible, and that I can do it in ways that feel good to me!"

- Anna (United States)

"My call with Andy helped me sort out my priorities and realise which goals are most valuable for me in my music career. His insights were very helpful and I learned new ways to protect my creative energy throughout the process."

- Robin (Germany)

"Andy asks great questions and actively listens, organizing my ramblings into coherent thoughts and helping me find the courage for a career change along with a plan for how to get there. Meeting over the course of six sessions kept me accountable in taking manageable steps toward my goal. I’m grateful to have found someone who makes the hard work of self-discovery feel like a chat with a wise friend.

- Lex (United States)