Current Programs and Services

I use creativity and play to help caring individuals and purpose-focused organisations transform their lives, businesses, and the world around them. I have created several services in response to the needs of those I've worked with over the past ten years. There are options for different needs and budgets.


I work with quiet souls, sensitive types, and other gentle rebels who want to enjoy more creative energy, experience fulfilment in their work and relationships, and navigate the noise of life in a way that works for their personal pacing so they can build a life that feels good to them.


I also help small businesses and non-profit organisations (individuals and teams) clarify their vision, purpose, strategy, and goals, so they can communicate their story and help those who engage with them to organically spread their tune.

I am a professionally trained and accredited personal performance coach and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Coaching Accreditations


A One-to-One session is perfect if you're facing a challenge, want to progress on a goal, or are looking for clarity about what you want to do next. It's amazing what one focused conversation can unlock!

This is a single "Choose Your Own Price" call


My Fireside Slow Coaching approach is built around openness, abundance, and patience. By inviting a spirit of curiosity you can begin to grow deep roots in meaningful areas. And as we take time to really explore the possibilities, you will understand your core values and take steps that reflect YOUR genuine desire for life.

This is a 3-6 month partnership


Re-imagine life as an adventure story!

"A unique mixture of sound and sensory experience, coaching, imaginative play and informal, companionable talks. I'm absolutely hooked. I just did a module and cried like a baby cause I felt so safe and seen. It is really special." - Josie

This is a rich course full of tools I use in coaching, that you can complete at your own pace over 12 months


Whether you're looking to build lasting friendships with other gentle rebels, you need some respite from the world's noise, or you simply want to explore some fresh perspectives, The Haven is your home from home.

This is an online membership community (pay monthly, cancel anytime)