319 | Let Go of What (You Think) People Think of You

Can you hear the voices in your head?

In this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast we explore how to let go of what people think of us. Or perhaps, more accurately, how to tune into the voice inside us that isn’t pre-occupied with being liked and fitting in.

We might assume that the voice we hear is OUR voice. But is that really the case?

If it really was us, why would it be so ready to talk us out of so many things that we want to do deep down.

Who, what, and where is our “deep down”?

Don't Worry About What People Think

The Authentic Self vs The Ego Self

The Ego Self doesn’t care what you want to do, it just needs to be liked. It seeks power over our actions, words, and beliefs. Encouraging us to do whatever is necessary to stay safely nestled in the tribe.

The ego is like a fog. The Authentic Self is the light that shines through it.

We either seek recognition (explicit approval and affirmation). By asking ourselves what we need to say, do, or have, to get others to see and like us.

Or we seek to avoid being seen and exposed. Asking how we can shrink into the background without anyone noticing.

Neither works. And the price we pay is our own authenticity (oneness with ourselves and connection to what matters most to us).

When We Care What People Think

Brené Brown says, we either shrink back and fail to bring our true self to the world (I’m too much). Or we puff up, and pretend to be something we’re not (I’m not enough).

For some it’s about holding back true self, for others it’s about hiding it. Either way, we alienate ourselves from ourselves and end up living a life where we’re constantly fighting against who we truly are, and thus making the whole world poorer as a result.

In this week’s podcast I explore how we can find the light of our authentic self through the fog of ego. And what it makes possible when we practice authenticity, and step clear of that desire to be liked/fear of not being liked.

Once our authenticity starts shining, it’s a light too bright to snub out. The criticism and judgement, that once caused us to shrink back or puff up, is consumed by the brightness of that light.

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