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I help organisations, communities, and individuals bring their stories to life through sound.

Whether you want to document an event, dive into your heritage and history, or reconnect with your foundational vision, I will work with you to turn your ideas into an engaging, entertaining, and educational soundstory.

Sound keeps us company while commuting, resting, exercising, working, and doing the chores. It's a versatile and personal medium that creates a unique connection between storyteller and listener. It ignites the imagination and encodes memory and recall more deeply than video. It makes a lasting impact. Engagement with audio continues to grow steadily with more and more people listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

So it really is the perfect way to tell your story.

It's great for building community, promoting your message, and nurturing familiarity with who you are and why you do what you do.

Why Create a SoundStory?

I use music, field recordings, and conversational interviews, to piece together meaningful harmonic histories and narrative soundscapes. This approach provides an immersive experience for the listener, and allows me to share your message with relevance and meaning.

SoundStories are ideal if you want to develop:

  • Communication With Stakeholders - it's a great way to share the journey so far. What brought you here? Where did this begin? What drives you?
  • Marketing Through Storytelling - it's a perfect way to archive and promote important projects and events that you don't want to forget. It's great for organic marketing and brand-building, as well as a resource to look back on in the future and enjoy meaningful memories
  • Exhibition and Education - it's a lovely way to teach people about the history and heritage around them (e.g. great for walking tours, festivals, and to deep the experience of a particular place)
  • New Discoveries - it's a process that can help you uncover things you didn't know and tell fascinating previously untold stories

It Works For:

  • Onboarding - share your story with those who need to know it - help them connect with it in a dynamic and engaging way
  • Milestones - mark and celebrate an anniversary or important date by connecting with the story so far (great for reinforcing the story with existing stakeholders and having something to share with potential new ones)
  • Gifts - someone is retiring or moving on? A project or team is coming to an end? Send them on their way with their part in the story - something they can treasure, enjoy, and be proud of
  • Legacy - it's a chance to receive first-hand wisdom from those who have been here and done it (while they're here to tell the story)
  • Team Bonding - the planning and creative process of a project like this is a great experience for all involved. It provides a shared sense of meaning and purpose through active participation in bringing the collective story to life

How Do We Build Your SoundStory?

The SoundStory is YOUR story and I help you tell it in a way that feels good to you. I use workshops and/or individual conversations in the planning stage to build the storyboard and organise the project.

During the curation and production phase I can develop the bespoke music, field recordings, and voice-overs to coincide with recorded interviews and archive materials.

I have more than a decade of experience conducting interviews and as a professionally trained coach to help people feel comfortable, open, and natural in recorded conversations

Note also: the wonderful thing about audio as a format is it can be used on its own, it can be released as part of a series (which can develop over time), or combined with visuals to create a video. It's a versatile process that can evolve over time. My workflow allows the possibility of adding more in the future, so if you decide there are other projects or areas you'd like to explore, the door remains open.

When Can We Start?

If this sounds appealing, let's chat!

I'd love to hear what you would like to do.

A 30 minute consultation gives us chance to meet each other and start exploring the possibilities. From there, I can draw up a no-obligation proposal/quote and we can go from there.

Further Information

To give you an idea of how projects like this work, it generally happens in four phases:

  • Phase 1 (in-person or remotely): planning and storyboarding (group workshop or individual meetings)
  • Phase 2 (in-person or remotely): collecting and recording (archive gathering, field recordings and interviews)
  • Phase 3 (remotely) - editing and production
  • Phase 4 - (remotely) edits and sign off (we will agree on an initial deadline then I will return any necessary changes within a week)

Organisations I've Worked With

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Playful Anywhere
New Gen Social Work
Warwickshire CC