When To Release Your Rocket Boosters

I woke up one night last year, thinking about solid rocket boosters. I had recently finished watching the Netflix documentary about the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. It must have had an influence on me!

I love thinking about different ways of letting go. As a bit of a minimalist, I often consider the purpose of the things I do, have, and let into my life. Not only my physical possessions, but all the other stuff too. Hobbies, relationships, work, ideas, activities, habits, entertainment etc. I want to live a curated life of purpose and meaning. And for me that requires letting go of stuff that doesn’t really serve my vision and values.

The image of solid rocket boosters speaks to this idea of letting go. Because they are necessary parts of a shuttle’s mission…that is until they’re no longer required.

And at that point, they not only become unnecessary, but they become a burden. Because the entire mission is compromised, unless they’re jettisoned.

We All Attach to Rocket Boosters

They come in different shapes and sizes.

For example, I have recently done a Personal Performance Coaching diploma. The purpose was to give me education, experience, and credentials. So that I can take the one-on-one parts of my business to a deeper level.

When I finished the course and received my certificate, the temptation was to “keep training”.

But I was also aware that the temptation to hold on to “just a little bit more”, could actually bring my mission (launching my business) to a grinding halt. And while I continue to train as a small business coach, I have jettisoned the need for “more training before I’m ready”. In July 2020, I let go and launched.

Are you clinging to any empty rocket boosters right now?

Maybe it’s a person, an idea, or an excuse. It could even be a label or title that has helped you understand something new about yourself. Even terms like “introvert” and “highly sensitive person”, can become burdens to us if we cling onto them in unhelpful ways.

Their purpose is to help us fly, and once we reach our orbiting height, we are free.

Like Building a Habit

At first a new habit requires loads of will power, remembering, and conscious thought. When you perform the desired action consistently and over a period of time, the will power, memory, and conscious thought is no longer needed. The behaviour occurs. It is in orbit around your life.

But unlike willpower, remembering, and a conscious approach to behaviour change, some of our rocket boosters don’t just fade away. With some things we have to intentionally let go of the attachments we form.

We can recognise these attachments because they create limiting beliefs. Such as, “I can’t succeed without it”, or “I am afraid I won’t cope if I lose it”.

Our rocket boosters are the things that propel us forwards and upwards, faster than we could alone. They take us as far as they’re designed to and no further. And like a bungee cord, once they reach the end of their usefulness, they’ll start pulling us back.

Over to You

What rocket boosters are you clinging onto right now? Do you need help letting go? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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