A Partnership That Will Help Your Podcast Sound Great to Others and Feel Great to You

Do you find editing/production frustrating and time consuming when it comes to your podcast? Or you just end up tearing your hair out because it takes so long and it still doesn't sound right.

Perhaps you dream of starting a podcast, but keep putting it off because you feel overwhelmed by the technicalities.

I can help...

I've been creating podcasts and videos since 2008, and producing music since the turn of the century.

I was recently asked what I enjoy about editing and producing work with other people...

  • I love process of turning raw materials into beautiful looking and sounding packages.
  • I love learning from and about those I work with.
  • I love the flow state I get into when I enter the rhythm, editing, tidying, and enhancing sounds.
  • And I love the fact that I can augment projects using my deeper pools of creative support and resources, like the rich library of music in my own back catalogue of songs.

In my professional creative partnerships I provide a consistent service to help at a basic level. But I bring much more than that.

I only work on projects that feel good to me, and do so as a fully invested creative cheerleader who cares deeply about the style, the substance, and the positive impact your vision might make in the world.

Building a Partnership

I have the capacity to work with two or three clients on a regular basis. Get in touch to check my current availability.

I want to partner with people who are working on projects that resonate with me. And rather than just providing a service you can use, I want to work with you to create beautiful things that feel great to us both.

Where appropriate I can also bring my training as a professionally qualified creativity coach to help identify your vision and particular project goals. So we can pin down the necessary actions required to turn the dream into reality. From there I use my experience in audio and video editing and production to free you up to focus on the most important aspects of creating your project...


Editing and Production Services

I have two core editing/production packages that I offer, but if you have something else in mind please do get in touch below. These options should give you a good idea of what I offer.

Basic Service
  • Full Audio Production and Editing: removal of long pauses and signalled edits
  • Professional Edge: I clean up the sound, remove background noise, and normalise levels to the industry standards
  • Intro, Outro, and Section Linking: I embed your music in the front and back of the show, and where appropriate link sections of the episode together with music
  • I add ID3 Tags and track meta data before uploading the episode


Pricing: £60 per episode or £200 per month (up to five 60-minute episodes) or $85USD per episode or $275USD per month

Full Service

Music For Podcasts and Projects

I have a library of more than 40 tracks from my eclectic back catalogue, from which you can pick a theme tune for your show. As an independent musician I can grant agreements for full usage of my music in your projects.

Here is a small sample of examples:

Alternatively, if you would prefer an exclusive and unique music pack, I can create a completely bespoke set of music for your show.

Song Agreement
  • Written agreement to use the chosen track on your podcast or project
  • Lyric and instrumental versions of your selected track and free rein to use them as much as you like throughout the project
  • Assistance from me to pick the right track(s) to fit your needs and the tone of your podcast
  • The option for me to create additional link tracks based on the song for use within episodes


Pricing: £150 (one off payment) or $200USD

Bespoke Track Bundle

Get in Touch

Please do email to start a conversation. We can book you a free (no obligation) consultation to discuss your needs and decipher your vision for your podcast or project.

I can help you get setup with templates and processes to take all the friction out of your podcasting needs. Leaving you with maximum time and energy to focus on what matters most...the learning and creative parts!

Even if you're unsure right now, just send me an email and we can explore what you need and whether or not we are a good fit for one another.

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