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Picking Up The Pieces is a slightly different kind of newsletter.

For many introverts and deeply sensitive people, we might have spent life feeling like we don’t quite fit. So we look for an answer to our disorientation. But sometimes this leads us to hold on even more tightly to things that don’t help us.

We are forever in the process of becoming and belonging. We are never complete.

And it is through a process of creative destruction, that life is constantly renewed. This is why we have seasons. Things grow and then die, strengthening and building over time.

We go through the same process as humans. But for many of us we’ve spent life destroying the wrong things. We hide the parts of ourselves that make us beautiful. And conceal the uniquely wonderful truth that sits within.

To get a better grip of our lives and the world around us, sometimes we need to let go of what we are clutching too tight. We think we need to hold on for dear life. When what we really need to do is take a deep breath and allow whatever the thing to which we cling, to drop.

Starting a Conversation

Two or three times a month, I share a short reflection about something worth letting go. I want to start a conversation. It’s not some pronouncement or declaration of truth.

Some background…

One painfully hot morning in 2018, I woke up to be informed that my most significant relationship was in tatters. It came out of the blue, and just like that, it felt like my life was in shards all around me. What I thought was real had been turned on its head, and my reality had transformed beyond recognition, literally overnight.

And so began a process of stitching together a completely different future from the one I planned, expected, and hoped for.

These videos and posts are sometimes based on snippets and clippings from journal entries I’ve written since 2018. And I mix that in with general musings and observations from my life as an undertaker, creativity coach, and musician.

These newsletter posts are insights into my experiments in untethering. I’m exploring what it means to relinquish and release the unhelpful stories we cling to. The things we have taught ourselves to believe about who we are and how we should be in order to fit in.

These messages about what the world expects of us can be destructive. They expect us to behave, think, and interact in the right way. Whatever that means!


This is our shot at life. The only one we have.

I mean, when you take a step back and really consider what it means to be alive…this opportunity to build life is unbelievable. And what’s with the rules we build for ourselves and use to control and pressurise one another? The judgements we make. The restrictions and limits we put on what feels acceptable.

We take all the stupid things so seriously. And then we just brush off the things that make life beautiful, weird, and mysterious.

Fancy it? My newsletter is where I have always entered wonderful conversations. With people all over the world.

Let’s delve into some of the things that make life completely overwhelmingly beautiful. Together.

So yes, I share my own experiences. But this is not about me. It’s also about you. It’s about all of us. And it’s about our collective potential future on this planet.

Join me as I continue on my journey. I am picking up the pieces of my own life and begin to emerge again.

Move with me as we connect with the possibilities and truths of a life unshackled. We can untether from unhelpful beliefs, ideas, and values. Those stories that keep us out of sync with our own natural pace and rhythm.

We need to change OUR story, and let go of the unhealthy values and habits we have tethered to as a world. So once we let go, we can create the space and potential to be able to pick up a better way of being. And to remember, it doesn’t matter what we’ve been told…it’s never too late. The next chapter is ours to write. So let’s start today.

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