Sleep It Off

Sleep it Off

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Huge thanks to:

Anne Bleicher, Russell Tanner, Regina Tan, Sam Shearn, Peter Ormerod, Ewan Jones, Lorraine Klein, Mark Prior, Victoria Dixon, Thorsten Herbold, Isla Scott, Craig Spivey, Sophia van Hees, Stephanie, Kojiberry, Kendra Patterson, Katy Armitstead, Douglas Law, Robin Preibisius, Yoby Henthorn, Jo Rust, Josie George, Shelly Rae Cota, Tuula Ahde, Anna Wilson, Wes Finch, Janet Rowland, Jannie Skancke

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Released July 25, 2022
Written by Andy Mort
Electric Guitars and Bass performed by Ben Munday
Ethereal kaoss noises and analogue synths performed by Jono Munday
All other instruments and vocals performed by Andy Mort
Produced by Andy Mort
Mixed and executive produced by Matt Cotterill at 300 Acre Studios
Drums recorded at 300 Acre Studios, engineered by Matt Cotterill
Mastered by JP Braddock at FormationAudio
Photograph for single artwork by Tuula Ahde