How to Turn Multiple Interests into a Sustainable Living

I recently interviewed Multipotentialite, business-owner, and founder of, Emilie Wapnick for the Member’s Area. We talked about how to make a living when you have many passions and no ‘one true calling’ in life.

Multipotentialite Living

Her enthusiasm along with the practical advice and creative model for building a meaningful and sustainable living really got me excited about the possible application, not just for my own life, but for yours, too.

Developing a ‘lifestyle business’ is the route that many highly sensitive and introverted people choose because among other things it offers a higher level of control over how you manage your time and energy. With the great guidance of people like Emilie it would appear this is an extremely viable option to consider today.


Turning a Negative Belief on its Head

Emilie answers many key questions about building a life, ‘smooshing’ together your multiple interests. She talks about the ways she turned what she (and others) saw as a negative trait into an overwhelmingly positive thing. And she stopped believing in the search for ‘one true calling’, choosing instead a career of variety and meaning.

Emilie gives you simple and practical approaches to making a Multipotentialite living, and considers positive changes that we can all make to the way we view our work and lives.

  • A Multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits in life.
  • Emilie noticed a cyclical pattern in her twenties where she would become really interested in an area, dive in deep, get good at it, but then get bored.
  • The interest-boredom cycle caused anxiety and a fear that there was something wrong. Was it a fear of commitment, or even a fear of success that drove her to get bored of things about which she was once passionate?
  • Eventually she turned her perception of this trait from negative into a positive. She discovered, through her website that there are millions of multipotentialites, and many of them have made successful livings out of it.
  • Putting yourself online turns you into a strange kind of public figure. Building a business has meant that she had to find ways to develop confidence. She continues to push herself into doing things outside of her comfort zone ‘for the sake of spreading the message’.
  • Multipotentialites are compelled to do work that provides variety and meaning.
  • There are four different approaches that we can use to find the right kind of work that suits us as an individual (The Group Hug Approach, The Slash Approach, The Einstein Approach, and The Serial Approach).

So Much More

This is such a great conversation, one of the most helpful and enlightening interviews I’ve ever done. If you enjoyed these snippets of my conversation with Emilie then don’t miss the rest of it in the Member’s Area. We get into a lot more detail about the four approaches to making a living, and she also discusses:

  • How to use baby-steps as you think about starting a business or a blog, and how doing so can help you grow in confidence and start to let go if you’re lacking in self-esteem. 
  • How to convert what you already love to do into a platform for a sustainable business,
  • Why you don’t have to lose faith if you find yourself in what feels like a never-ending cycle of interest-boredom. 
  • Why you should question the model of specialisation that our education system is based upon.
  • How you can re-frame your own multipotentialite childhood, and help children embrace their multipotentialism without breaking the bank.
  • The inside scoop on successful multipotentialites who are making their lives and careers work after embracing their multiple interests and viewing their trait in a positive light.



Question: Do you identify with the traits of a Multipotentialite? Have you experienced your multiple interests as a help or hindrance to your career/life? Please leave your answer in the comments below.


Watch the Rest of the Interview with Emilie Now

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