Most people know what they should do. They are aware of the “right thing”, and yet time after time they fail at making the best choice when it comes to it. They put it off to tomorrow. The problem is, this kind of thinking is a habit and until it is broken life will never change. Life gradually drifts towards a destination you never dreamed of. Broken relationships, burnout, regrets, emotional volatility, and health issues.

Unfortunately this is the reality for most people. They put off making that commitment to the life they actually want to live and the person they want to be. They drift through life, reacting and re-enacting the same situations over and over. And they struggle to make meaningful progress in the areas that beat in their heart.


Our busy, attention deficient world, doesn’t want us to prioritise our own health, relationships, creative projects. We’re surrounded by terrible role models and examples of leadership and human interaction. Things feel pretty bleak and hopeless when we switch on the news. And as an introvert or highly sensitive type, things can get overwhelming quickly.

When this happens all you want to do is escape and hide. I’ve been there many times. I get it!

Yet this is not good for anyone in the long run. It’s not good for the world because you have a voice that it so badly needs to hear. It’s not good for your friends and family, because you are a treasured member of your community who they want around. And most of all it’s not good for you, because it stop you living the most meaningful life you can in your short time on earth.

There’s Good News…

You don’t have to accept these rules that everyone seems so resigned to live by. You don’t have to just accept that “this is how it is”, and that you don’t quite fit the mould. The truth is, you get to build your own mould and take control of so much of your life. How you allow things to affect you, the way you choose to respond to the stuff that is beyond your influence, and the positive impact you want to make on the world and your most important people.

If you want to get out of a spiral of inaction and putting things off until tomorrow then you probably need some help. Or at least a little bit of guidance.


This is exactly why I’ve decided to offer a limited number of one-to-one mentoring spots. After receiving a lot of requests for this type of thing, and a lot of time spent doing back and forth email correspondence to help people, it felt right to offer a more formal program of support and guidance for those who are serious about going further faster.

I’m a songwriter, performer, introvert, highly sensitive person, husband, business owner, and part time undertaker. Since 2011 I’ve been passionate about helping introverts and highly sensitive people understand who they are so that they can live their most meaningful, creative lives in ways that keep them energised and happy. I do this through my blog, podcast, and membership community (The Haven). Now I’m offering a limited number of places for one on one mentoring.

As a mentor it is my commitment and promise to:

  • Guide you as you learn more about your personality type and identify your vision for the life that you want to live
  • Help you train as you respond to the world with a growing sense of calm focus
  • View your life from a different angle, see blind spots, and highlight the small changes you might make breakthroughs in desired areas
  • Encourage you when you’re feeling drained, unmotivated, and like you just want to quit.
  • Assist you make simple practical plans, which will connect you with the best people and opportunities to get you on the path to where you want to go
  • Support your hopes and goals as you design life on your terms: rather than by some abstract set of expectations that you blindly follow.

Quick warning…Gentle Rebel Mentoring is not for you if:

  • You need medical help or professional therapy/counselling
  • You are not interested in actually changing stuff

What Next?

If this all sounds good to you and you would like to find out more then fill in the form below and we can have a chat via email.

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