Gentle Humdinger

Find Your Peaceful Tune Beneath The Ocean of Noise

A Workshop Using Music To Provide Space For You To Rest In and Connect With Your Natural Sound

There is music in everything.

Nature sings. It cycles. It plays.

Our hearts beat, and our lungs breathe in rhythms and measures.

As conscious social beings, the melody of humanity dances through language, creativity, and emotional experience.

Your tune plays through and within YOU.

I'm excited to think about the role of music in life and how we ALL have a unique and peaceful sound inside us. 

During our time together, we will locate your calm inner tones, help you let go of the overwhelming stress-fuelled urgency in your decision-making and re-engage with the timeless rhythm at the core of your being.

It's not designed for musicians; it's for anyone who wants to dwell in a spirit of creative play for a while. Anyone who needs some inspiration, rest, and permission to be.

Life is Music

Our sound is found in the feeling of aliveness and flow, inner calm and deep ageless stillness.

When was the last time you really felt it?

I've designed this experience for:

  • Weary souls who have become worn down by the pace of things and have lost connection to their natural sound
  • Those building something important to them but get distracted and struggle to find and express their sound within the noise
  • People who know the pace of modern life doesn't resonate with their natural rhythms but struggle to imagine or picture alternative ways of organising things

If any of those descriptions resonate, then this is for you.

You DON'T need to know anything about music. We will explore, learn, and play together as we consider the natural rhythms and melodies in and around us.

Whether you've lost connection somewhere along the line or you feel like you've never really known your sound, this is an opportunity to enjoy exploring the melodies and rhythms of your life.

You may need a cornerstone to build a particular project, endeavour, or situation. Or perhaps you want to step more peacefully and calmly at a natural organic pace.

The Ocean of Noise

The noise can drown out our gentle tune. It can create disturbances and pressures that cause us to move away from the timeless, soul-infused, peaceful practices that bring us joy and connection.

It rushes, stresses, and prompts us to act through urgency and fear.

Maybe you recognise it as the voice warning that everyone else is leaving you behind.

It's a heavy burden of unmet demands and untapped potentials.

It's the inability to switch off when it's time to relax—the guilt of doing nothing when there are so many open loops and loose ends. "You can rest when it's done", the voice declares, knowing full well that "it" is never finished.

This is a frighteningly familiar story. If any of that rings true, know that you're not alone.

For the sake of everything that matters most to you, I want to invite you to slow down. Pause. Breathe.

  • What do you need?
  • What are you letting go?
  • What is changing?

These questions are at the heart of everything I do in my creativity and slow coaching practice. We can't solve problems with more of the problem. And yet that's exactly what we often try to do.

For the sake of ourselves, our relationships, and the future of humanity, we need to stop and find our song again.

What's Your Tune?

In this half-day Gentle Humdinger Workshop, we will carve out space to reconnect to the tune beneath the noise.

As a songwriter and ambient sound artist, music is a metaphor that helps me explore and demonstrate universal human experiences.

Boundaries and Shields: We will have fun thinking about the role of music in influencing thoughts, feelings, and judgements in the media. This will help you acknowledge, process, and let go of emotions that aren't yours to hold.

Creative Processing: I'll share how songwriting helps me understand, process, and express myself beneath the ocean of noise (both inside and outside). And encourage you to consider how creativity helps (or could help) you rebel against unhelpful expectations, pressures, and demands.

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Andy Mort - Songwriter and Slow Coach for Gentle Rebels

About Me

As well as being a songwriter and ambient sound artist, I am a professionally accredited coach and International Coaching Federation (ICF) member. I founded Gentle Rebel Creative Ltd to provide sanctuaries of support to help people slow down and reconnect with what matters most so they can positively transform their lives, relationships, and the world around them.

Alongside various roles, including undertaker, dementia carer, and online marketing manager, I have over 20 years of experience writing, producing, and performing music as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I've also performed and spoken at two TEDx events (in Nicosia, Cyprus and Leamington Spa, UK).

Home is No(w)here will be my first full release under my name (previously Atlum Schema). The album's development is an intentionally gradual process as I explore the impact of space and time on community, art, and creative expression.

At the heart of Home is No(w)here I am exploring pace and meaning in a society obsessed with hustle, acceleration, and productivity. Where are we going? How will we know we're there? Can we navigate a world where we are forever here and there, nowhere and everywhere?

After six years of working as an undertaker, these questions gently haunt and infuse my work as I make space to tarry with the absurd, beautiful, and terrible things humans do.

Home is No(w)here explores what might happen when we allow space to linger and dwell in the mysterious beauty beneath the surface of things.

It's a question, not an answer. A poem, not a statement. An invitation, not a demand.

You can learn more and listen to my music here.

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