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Life can get heavy. When it does, and you need a better grip, sometimes you've got to let go first.

Most of the heavy baggage we hold tightly to sits outside of our control. It stems from the actions other people perform, and the expectations they bestow upon us.

We end up acquiring weight that doesn't belong to us. And we rarely have time to assess the load.

Get a Grip: Ways to Let Go When You Want a Better Handle On The Important Things is a free package containing a PDF eBook, companion video, and 8 deep dive prompts, designed to help you pause and identify the baggage that is weighing you down right now. It will give you a fresh perspective on what matters most so that you can embark on a life of inside-out meaning, rather than outside-in accumulation.

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This will give you access to my 'Sunday Transmission', where I share reflections about slowing down, living in sync with our natural rhythm, and finding our inner gentle rebel. So we can can experience more joy, meaning and creative purpose in our short (and strange) time together on this planet.

Over the next week or two I will send you some further reflections to unpack the deep dive prompts. My aim is to help you nurture a healthy relationship of non-attachment to the things that matter most. And I'll be on hand to answer any questions and support you as you go.