The Gentle Rebel

The Joys, Challenges, and Absurdities of Living as a Highly Sensitive Creative Person in a Strange, Abrasive World

Do you want to make a positive difference and live creatively in our noisy world?

You process things deeply. Get overwhelmed when there is a lot going on and when you can’t make sense of all the noise. You feel the moods of individuals and groups, and can easily see the world through they eyes of other people. And then there are the subtle details that no one seems to notice or care about except for you.

A Highly Sensitive Person

Do you get stuck thinking about things…a lot? Long to get away from loud noises, bright lights, and overwhelming situations? Spend a lot of time worrying about how other people are feeling?

You may well be a Highly Sensitive Person.

I discovered this about myself in 2013. It was a realisation which changed everything. And took a long time to make…mainly due to the word ‘sensitive’, which doesn’t have great associations in Western culture.

About 20% of humans have ‘Innate Sensitiveness’ (Carl Jung). They ‘process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous systems‘. They get overwhelmed quicker and more easily than others by input travelling through their sensory processing system. Despite common assumptions, sensitivity in this respect is nothing to do with being unsociable, emotionally unstable, or weak.

Introducing The Gentle Rebel Book (+ Resources)

I wrote this book as a way to process what high sensitivity meant for me. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on and reframe my own formative experiences. I soon realised that a lot of the stuff that I thought was weird and different, was actually down to my highly sensitive temperament. And rather than being a burden or hindrance, this could become a very real foundation for a tranquil and joy-filled life.

People have really responded to this message, and it’s my hope that through reading the book you will feel inspired to reflect and reframe on your own life’s experiences. It serves as an introduction to high sensitivity, and written from my perspective as a creative person (not a clinical psychologist).

It’s a light-hearted look at why I believe Highly Sensitive People are exactly what the world needs more of right now!

Just the Book – $7

Resource Bundle (includes Audiobook version, 6 Bonus Videos, and 16 Desktop Wallpapers to help you grow and flourish as a Gentle Rebel) – $12

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