Are You Tuned into the Whisper of Your Inner Gentle Rebel?

Today I am excited to announce a brand new video series that I am publishing throughout this week. The first one went live this morning.

Everyone has something remarkable to offer the world. We all have the potential to make a gentle impact on the lives of those around us. There is a soft whisper inside each one of us that notices aspects of the world around that resonate with who we are. By tuning into this voice we begin identifying the stuff that truly matters.

It sounds easy.

It’s not.

The voice gets drowned out by the noise of life and the distractions of an attention seeking world that never seems to sleep. Not to mention the negative internal dialogue that constantly talks over that sensitive whisper, feeding you unhelpful advice, fears, and reminders of every piece of criticism you’ve received in the past ten years.

Every single one of us carries something important within; a powerful potential:

To be able to make a positive impact on the day…

This is your art. It is your choice.

And those fears and apprehensions that you feel as you think about what to do and where to start?

You’re not alone.


I have produced a brand new three-part video series in which I outline three steps in the process of thinking through and identifying the gentle impact we want to make in the world.

For many introverted and/or highly sensitive people there are aspects of life and culture that keep us from doing the work and being the people we feel compelled to do and be deep within. So through these videos I want to help you identify those things that distract YOU, realise what YOU truly notice, and decide how YOU will respond to YOUR unique perspective.

  1. Identify the Distractions that Hold You Back from Being Yourself
  2. Accept That You Notice the World in a Unique Way
  3. Choose Your Response to the Things You Notice, Know You’re Not Alone…and Get Started 



10 Distractions Introverts and Highly Sensitive People Struggle With



The Roadmap to Finding Your Unique and Gentle Voice



It’s Time to Make the Impact You Were Born to Make

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