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"Andy asks great questions and actively listens, organizing my ramblings into coherent thoughts and helping me find the courage for a career change along with a plan for how to get there. Meeting over the course of six sessions kept me accountable in taking manageable steps toward my goal. I’m grateful to have found someone who makes the hard work of self-discovery feel like a chat with a wise friend."

- Lex Orgera

I work One-to-One with quiet souls, sensitive types, and other gentle rebels who want to enjoy more creative energy, experience fulfilment in their work and relationships, and navigate the noise of life in a way that works for their personal pacing so they can build a life that feels good to them.

The modern world is fuelled by urgency and a demand for instant results. But when we subscribe to this pace of life we risk rushing our decisions about important things. This can lead to regret, frustration, and stagnation down the line.

My Fireside Slow Coaching approach is built around openness, abundance, and patience. By inviting a spirit of curiosity you can begin to grow deep roots in meaningful areas. And as we take time to really explore the possibilities, you will understand your core values and take steps that reflect YOUR genuine desire for life.

Many introverts and deeply sensitive people spend a lot of time and energy serving others. But at the Fireside I gently encourage you to plug in to your own desires, needs, and challenges. We make space for you to be YOU. This is your place of pause, rest, and reflection.

"In my time with Andy, he helped me to realign my business with my values as an authentic expression of me. This process has given me the confidence to realize that the business I am building is actually possible, and that I can do it in ways that feel good to me!" - Anna

Coaching Accreditations

"I love the live 1:1 session because there is a certain kind of energy and connection that helps generate new questions and new sparks to follow and explore. But I need the back and forth time between the next 3 non-live sessions to live with the potential questions and my potential answers while I am moving and being and reacting and responding to life situations in real time. I can take as long as I need to process at a new and deeper level than I am able to with a live session."

- Zoie

The Fireside Program

This program are perfect if you want to partner with me over 3-6 months and really dig into a challenge, goal, or area of life you want to shift. The program includes 6 months of Haven membership and exclusive access to the "Fireside Vault", where you will find extra tools, resources, and exercises that can help you along the way between sessions.

How To Pick The Right Fireside Focus For You

I've designed it so that you're not limited to one path. The Fireside Vault gives you access to the tools and materials from every program. So don't worry about making the wrong choice. You can't! Because it's a bespoke approach, we can adapt to any changes you want to make along the way.

Just start with the area that appeals most to your current circumstances.

Rather than fighting your way to healing, I help you gently rekindle your inner flame by saying yes to rest.

Reframing is a huge step to firm and healthy personal boundaries, a foundation for more fulfilment and meaning in every area of life.

Ready to answer an intuitive nudge telling you something is ready to change? Do you want someone alongside you as you get started?