Are you an introvert and/or highly sensitive person who desires to make changes in life but you don’t know where to start? And when you do get going, it never feels like you’re making much of the progress you would love to make.

Do you get derailed when you compare yourself with others? When you encounter criticism. And when it feels like you don’t have what it takes to achieve your most important dreams.

You’d love to have more time to spend on what matters most. You want more confidence in your pursuits. And to live life to the rhythm of your own drum, not someone else’s.

Since building this website and related ventures, I’ve been privileged to work with loads of people like you. People who have so many aspirations, visions, and goals inside, but get stuck on their way to accomplishing them. And I’ve seen so many big breakthroughs which they never thought could be possible for them.

I have a rather special limited time invitation to extend your way…

3 Months Coaching

I am wrapping up a major professional qualification in one to one personal performance coaching. I want to work with a variety of people who could do with some extra support with getting clear on what really matters in life to them.

As I complete this stage in my training I would love to offer you the chance to work with me for a special reduced rate.

Whether you’re looking for help with your career, creativity, your relationships, self-care, energy, or another life goal, this is a chance to get clear on what you can do next to get to where you long to be, faster than you can alone.

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