The Masks of Everyday Life

Masks [Podcast]

I bet you can think of masks that give you chills when you picture them in your mind. Maybe a certain character or situation from your childhood pops into your…

True Passion is Not a Noun

Passion [Podcast]

Have you ‘found your calling’? Are you aware of what you were put on Earth to do? Do you know what your passion is? These are still common ideas doing…


Simplicity [Podcast]

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius Do you tend to gravitate towards complexity? I do. It greets us on the path of least…

Integrity and Virtue

Goals, Habits, and Virtue…Where Are You Meant To Start This New Year? [Podcast]

Confession time…I didn’t reach any of my goals over the past 12 months. I was close on two of the eight. On the remaining six however, I fell short. Way…

When Things are Outside of Your Control

“If You Don’t Feel It Now, You Won’t Feel It Then” [Podcast]

I recorded this week’s podcast whilst on an unanticipated stopover in Dubai. Thanks to an unfortunate incident involving a child vomiting in front of a flight attendant, and a family…

On Dealing With Anger

The Nearer You Come to a Calm Mind, The Closer You Are to Strength [Podcast]

There is a lot of anger in our world right now. It seems to be the default emotion for a lot of people. Just the other day I was bemused…

Beware of False Scarcity

Just Because You Want To, It Doesn’t Mean You Have to [Podcast]

We spend a lot of our lives reacting to impulses, offers, and opportunities. Our urges tell us to grab things before they disappear (scarcity). At this time of year we…

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