The Gentle Rebel Podcast is a weekly podcast for introverts, Highly Sensitive People and anyone who might think of themselves as a creative misfit. The show is dedicated to exploring a variety of themes that help to encourage, inspire, and equip people: those who want to make the world a better place without getting overwhelmed or burned out.

My Goal

My goal is to help you create the impact you were born to make in a noisy, absurd, and often overwhelming world. I am a Highly Sensitive (social) Introvert and have built a portfolio career around my creative pursuits since 2009. I will share with you my experiences as a “Gentle Rebel” in a world that doesn’t seem to stop shouting and assuming weird truths. Week by week I unpack some of the subtle and absurd challenges that we face when we choose to live differently and challenge the status quo.

My Hope

My hope is that it will help you find your voice, create your purpose, and live with passion so that you can flourish as the Gentle Rebel you were born to be, trekking your own as yet untrodden path.

In Conversation with Erick from The Stoic Coffee Break

#251: Treat Yourself to an Inspiring Stoic Coffee Break With Erick Cloward [Podcast]

You better get yourself a cup of coffee before you listen to this week’s podcast. Why? Because Erick Cloward from the Stoic Coffee Break Podcast is with me of course!…

#250: Why Remote Working Is Perfect For Highly Sensitive People – With Lisette Sutherland [Podcast]

Many highly sensitive people and introverts struggle with open office environments. The fluorescent lights, un-controlled noise, and constant distractions. Just a few of the sensory slaps around the face you…

#249: How to Nurture A Minimalist Mentality Within a Cluttered World of Junk [Podcast]

I looked in the cupboard. It was full of bits and pieces I’ve not used for years. But the thought of getting rid of any of it filled me with…

HSP Gathering, Oulu

#248: Are You Always in a Rush to Get From This Thing to the Next? [Podcast]

When I was invited to lead workshops and perform at the HSP Gathering in Oulu, Finland last year my immediate reaction was, “Wow! Hell yes!” In the months that followed…

Sensitive Stoicism

#247: Life’s Timing is Pretty Weird – Introducing The Sensitive Stoic [Podcast]

I have created a brand new course…The Sensitive Stoic: How to Respond to a Hostile, Distractible World Without Losing Your Mind. I’ve been really struck by the Stoic teachings and…

#246: Cope With Anticipatory Grief in Everyday Life as a Highly Sensitive Person [Podcast]

Anticipatory Grief is the feeling of loss for something or someone that is still there. It’s a phenomenon most often experienced in anticipation of the impending death of a loved…

Alignment of Words and Actions

#245: Why It Really Matters to Align Your Words and Actions [Podcast]

Have you ever met one of those people who says one thing and then does the complete opposite? We find them everywhere. In our workplaces, families, and well, just about…

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