True Power (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

Part 3: True Power (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

Rebellion becomes necessary when a power balance tips beyond the line. There are many different ‘slave-master’ systems in the world. Institutional, relational, ideological, organisational, and political. We experience these relationships…

Accessible or Shadow Dwelling (resentment and rebellion)

Part 2: Let Go of Resentment (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

“When an introvert looks at society and sees no reflection, she risks becoming alienated, either by staying true to herself and becoming alienated from society—called social alienation—or by adapting to…

The Faces of Rebellion

Part 1: The Different Faces of Rebellion (What is a Gentle Rebel?)

Do you feel like a rebel? I’ve created a mini series of short bonus podcasts to explore some ideas around gentle rebellion. There is something powerful about rebels. Something that…

The Compassion Revolution

Compassion [Podcast]

“Compassion, respect and gratitude are not the ‘soft stuff’ they are the very bedrock of organisational vitality.” – Mary Freer (The Compassion Revolution) In this week’s episode I share one…

Life's Drift

Drift [Podcast]

I would like to be a little boat, peacefully bobbing upon the ocean of life. Drifting with the flow, seeing where I end up, and having little adventures along the…


Empath [Podcast]

The term ’empath’ apparently entered our language in 1956. Through J.T. McIntosh’s novel, “The Empath”. A story about paranormally empathetic people (empaths), used by the government to oppress workers. It…


Toxic [Podcast]

There is something seriously toxic about the world right now. Every direction you look there is another news story about human poison (religious and political extremism, sex abuse, racism etc)….

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