You’ve Got To Slow Down and “Waste Time”…A Chat With Brenda Knowles

In her latest book, Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown talks about the importance of inhaling and exhaling when it comes to the social energy rhythms in our lives. This is a beautiful idea, which carries a flip-side…if we’re going to get the true benefits and joys of inhaling, which introverts and sensitive types need, we need to understand the importance of exhaling.

The question is, how can do we find the right balance. How to slow down in a world that moves at 100mph, and seems to demand that we do the same.

Have you ever found yourself energised by other people?

Slow Down, Waste Time, and Be Alone Together

Answering yes to that question isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re an extrovert. In fact, my friend Brenda Knowles suggests that as introverts we can find a sweet spot in certain relationships with our “special people”. When we develop safe, healthy, secure relationships we can create the infrastructure to make energising connections.

This involves learning to regulate and be receptive within relationships. To be alone together. Trust, ease, and non-judgement.

I recently spoke with Brenda. She is the writer behind the website, and changed it a few years ago to, where she shares her thoughts, advice, and encouragement to introverts and sensitive types. Brenda’s real focus is relationships, and with her background in mediation she has a huge amount of wisdom to impart. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Brenda again, and receive that wisdom first hand.

Slow Down, Grab a Cuppa and Enjoy Our Chat About:

  • European cafe culture and how we are missing out on something vital when we subscribe to the view that we need to be busy and fill every moment to prevent boredom
  • The drudgery of that kind of busy life when there’s no time to stop and laugh and chat and live
  • Making peace with the need to exhale as an introvert/HSP, and balance it with an enriching and healthy inhale
  • Becoming more present in those moments when the mind is tense and running at 100 miles an hour


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There wont be an episode next week (February 2nd 2018) because we will be in the middle of a house move.

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