65 | Breathing New Life into a Journal Habit

I’ve had a consistent journaling habit for twelve years. I use a digital journal (Day One), which has worked well for me. But I realised earlier this year that my practice has become a bit stale and uninspiring. So, I wanted to breathe new life into it.

Mandy Thompson joined us in The Haven Courtyard recently. She led a workshop exploring how to build a vibrant and strong journaling habit that works for each of us as individuals.

We wanted the workshop to help breathe life into a journal habit, no matter where you’re currently at with it.

  • Maybe you want to start a journal but struggle to get going
  • Perhaps you journal occasionally but don’t maintain the consistency you desire
  • You might feel stuck in a rut with your journal and in need of a fresh approach

In this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast, I explore why I choose to journal the way I do (and what I want to change in my practice).

Building a Journal Habit Together

Mandy shared some tools, tips, and techniques to help us start, maintain, or rejuvenate a vibrant and strong journaling habit. But as with any habit, it’s not always easy to put the theory into practice. This is why I’ve scheduled four “Creative Journal Circle” sessions in The Haven every Friday throughout July. These will provide space for encouragement, accountability, and inspiration.

The sessions are for those who want to build momentum with their journal habit. We can share how we’re getting on, encourage one another, and try a simple exercise together. So even if we haven’t added anything to our journal all week, we won’t finish it empty paged.

The Haven trial period has increased to 28 days, so it’s the perfect time to come and dip your toes in. You will get access to the Creative Journal Circle (and other gatherings), and have chance to look at the other resources available to members.

Learn more here.

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