64 | High Sensitivity, Autism, and The Challenge of Being an Artist Right Now (with Lizzie Campbell)

Lizzie Campbell is a polymer clay artist who creates under the name Clay Disarray, and wow, she’s phenomenal! Her intricate modelling brings characters and cultural figures to life, and it is mesmerising to see.

I discovered Lizzie through a YouTube video in which she delved into the challenges artists face today. Her unique perspective as a highly sensitive and autistic artist sheds light on the struggles many artists are currently grappling with, such as the impact of COVID-19, the cost-of-living crisis, artificial intelligence, social media algorithms, and Brexit.

Inspired by her gentle tone and wisdom, I invited Lizzie to the Gentle Rebel Podcast to delve deeper into these issues and learn more about her journey with art, creativity, and neurodivergence.

We Explored A Bunch of Topics Including:

  • How Lizzie got into polymer clay modelling
  • Why she takes inspiration from horror movies
  • The relationship between creativity and neurodiversity, including high sensitivity and autism
  • Why HSPs might be reluctant to think of themselves as creative
  • The challenges for artists in a post-Covid, post-Brexit world
  • Some of the stranger ways AI is posing a problem for professional creative people and artists
  • Why the fan art community receives criticism
  • Why social media algorithms can make it harder for artists to connect with the right people
  • How we can support our favourite artists (and keep sustaining the arts) in the modern world

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