62 | Digging Your Unconventional Multipotentialite Pathway (with Yvonne Kjorlien)

As a highly sensitive multipotentialite, Yvonne Kjorlien has many creative interests, passions, and pursuits. She studies scattered and scavenged remains to help increase the recovery rate of human remains in outdoor contexts, enabling law enforcement personnel to close forensic cases and provide closure for families. She is also an author, blogger (The Reluctant Archeologist) and writing coach for those bringing new work into the world.

I was inspired by the multifaceted nature of Yvonne’s personal and professional interests and invited her to join me to explore them in this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast.

This one is for you if you naturally gravitate towards various pursuits and what others might describe as diversions. It can be liberating to hear from people who have connected unexpected dots and forged new pathways based on what brings them to life rather than what socialised stories tell them to do. I hope this conversation will bring you peace, encouragement, and inspiration.

Yvonne and I dug into a whole range of topics, including:

  • How to be a multipotentialite (holding a range of interests and pursuits) in a world that wants to put you in a box
  • Why labels can be a help and hindrance when making our way in the world
  • How subverting labels taps into a primal sense of risk (and can make others uncomfortable)
  • What it means to dig and excavate our stories in a healthy and exciting way
  • How we might recognise the messages our body is sending in response to opportunities, requests, and stimuli
  • The power of asking why (and doing it in a way that opens us up rather than closing us down)

Over to You

What are you taking away from this episode? Are you a multipotentialite? Let me know by leaving a comment, sending a message, or contacting me via social media.

  1. Absolutely love this!! Yes, going against the grain and totally unexpected to others. Never feeling like you align or “fit in” with others or those societal boxes. And that’s okay! Coming to that “ah ha” moment that it’s very okay, in fact, amazing not to always conform. I love the silent rebellion or gentle rebellion referral. To be different and outside of the norm. More sensitive, empathetic, creative, independent, multifaceted, and fun.

    Also, love the strength based perspective. Focus on what you love and are passionate about. What fuels you!

    Yes, why is so important. If we don’t ask why, we are just sheep and maintaining status quo. It’s important to ask why. If we don’t, we don’t evolve or progress as individuals or a society. Change is necessary (whether we like it or not). It’s also important to stay true to you. Your values and morals. Then you hear and feel the peace. Love that!

    Such an inspiration. 🙂

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