60 | I Can’t Wait

In this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast, I talk about some things that came out of our conversation in The Haven around the prompt, “I can’t wait”.

What do you struggle to wait for?

There are many angles from which we can look at these words. What comes to mind for you? Maybe you can’t wait for something to arrive. Perhaps you can’t wait for it to be over. Or maybe you get tetchy or anxious when you’re forced to wait.

I Can’t Wait…

  • For the next episode.
  • For kick-off.
  • To feel better.
  • Around.
  • To get on the road.
  • To get this over with.
  • To get there.
  • …it makes me testy.
  • To see you.
  • For this to start.
  • For this to end.
  • To leave.
  • For the lunch break.
  • To go.
  • …it makes me anxious.
  • To get home.
  • …I need to keep myself busy.

What else comes to mind for you?

In The Episode, I Explore:

  • Patience and Impatience (rushing into decisions that naturally take time)
  • Excitement and possibility (allowing ourselves to look forward)
  • Pausing to check vs checking ourselves (highly sensitive people might respond more slowly AND quickly to stimuli)
  • How the impermanence of things can help us be more peaceful in the present, and less likely to wish away time
  • The power of anticipation, expectancy, and bad endings

Join the conversation in The Haven: https://the-haven.co

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