58 | Is Artificial Intelligence a Friend or Foe? (with Marc Winn)

Can Artificial Intelligence help us embrace, explore, and celebrate our human creativity and sensory sensitivity even MORE deeply?

In this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast, I speak with Marc Winn about the impact of generative AI on our creative spirit.

We step beyond the unhelpful binary debates that tend to view the complex tangle of technology adoption as all good or all bad. We begin with the most important starting question: What do we want to use it for? And how can it help us become more human, more playful, more attuned to our senses, and less mechanical and robotic?

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Become More Human?

Marc has dedicated the past 14 years to helping people find their way in a rapidly changing world. He focuses on AI and how embracing it isn’t just about technology—it’s about people. Through AI Adoption groups, Strategy Days, and long-term Partnerships, he focuses on the human side of digital transformation.

Marc is also the author of The 50 Coffee Adventure: A Fun, Light and Easy Way to Build Connections—One Magical Conversation at a Time.

In the episode, Marc and I Discuss:

  • The role generative AI can play in giving people who have always struggled simple ways to express themselves
  • Why art is deeply misunderstood (and often overlooked) in its role in changing the world
  • How art has a role to play in helping us meet the significant challenges of our time
  • The link between burning out and building things in other peoples’ image rather than your own (and what it means to live from that authentic place within us)
  • Why Marc believes you have more of a chance of changing someone’s life by making mistakes rather than delivering perfection
  • Fears and hopes about the post-consumption age of creativity and how mass participation will become a new normal
  • How AI supports and can enhance creativity (rather than replace it)

I enjoyed this conversation a lot. It gave me a fresh perspective on things I hadn’t considered before.

Over to You

What were your takeaways? How do you feel about this stuff? Share your response in the comments or drop me a message.

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