46 | It Is (Not) a Christmas Song

While it’s not a “Christmas Song”, I felt compelled to release Still Time during the festive season because there’s just something about it.

My friend Peter seems to agree: “Big-hearted and tender loveliness for a December evening (and probably other months and times of day too, but this feels like a particularly good time for it)”.

So this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast is (not) a festive bonus.

When asked what they would do if tomorrow were their last day on Earth, many said they would hang out by a lake or up a mountain to view the sunrise alone or with loved ones. There is still time (and appetite) to play, write, and create. They are drawn to familiar places and sensory experiences (meaningful tastes, sounds, smells, sights, and physical touch).

I was somewhat surprised at the lack of bucket list activities and final thrills. There was a real sense of “return” in the responses. I suppose there might be something about the imminence of finality that draws us toward simplicity. Grounded where we are. The reality we can reach out and touch. An invitation to look around us right now, where we are, and allowing this to be enough and recognising that this IS enough.

Weirdly, no one said they would spend the day on social media arguing with, provoking, or showing off to strangers on the internet. It’s almost as if that stuff isn’t that meaningful when push comes to shove.

Not a Christmas Episode and Not a Christmas Song

While Still Time is not a “Christmas song”, these themes certainly resonate with my understanding of this time of year.

For many, there is a bittersweet melancholy associated with the festive season. There are reminders of what and who is no longer with us. We experience folded page memories that bring flavours of days gone into the present. We might reflect on another year gone and anticipate, wonder, hope, or dread the year to come.

In this episode:

  • I share some ideas I discussed in last week’s live Haven Courtyard.
  • I explore the ways Rapid Response caught my attention and how I approached the piece I contributed to the exhibition.
  • We unpack the creative process behind Still Time (including some embarrassing voice notes)
  • I talk about why songwriting is such a magical, mysterious, and utterly normal thing for me.
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