365 | A Season Finale

I’m pretty committed to life as a slow coach (yes that works on different levels).

Strong deep roots take time to grow. And as far as I’m concerned, the journey of becoming is not worth rushing.

Change is coming. Slowly.

And I’m using the slow coach part of my gentle rebel ‘philosophy’ to draw the map of the road ahead for the podcast.

I know it’s time to shift gears, but I want to transition well. In a way that feels expansive and authentic.

So after ten years and 365 episodes I am bringing the ‘first season’ of the show to an end. And a new phase of life starts now for the Gentle Rebel Podcast.

But don’t worry. It won’t feel much different for listeners.

Over the next two years I plan to churn the archives and consolidate old episodes and articles so that they become more up to date and much easier to navigate.

The Vision (Starting Again Without Starting Over)

Between now and the summer of 2024, the podcast will be refreshed from the inside out.

The next episode (a short trailer) will eventually become the first one, and I will create shows that weave together the existing archives in new ways.

This will leave a simple library of episodes, all of which will fall under one the nine annual Haven themes.

In this episode I explain more about why I am choosing to embark on change in this way. And I’ll share what I believe it will make possible; for me (and my work), for listeners, and for the podcast as a whole.

I look forward to seeing what happens as we step into this next season. I’m also excited (and a little nervous) to go back into the archives and revisit what I’ve written, said, and forgotten from over the years.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Meanwhile I’d love to hear any thoughts you have, and answer any questions you have.

You’re welcome to leave a comment below, or of course you can send me a message.

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