355 | Back Behind The Controls

This is the fourth and final part of the series, Beyond The Noise: Respond to Life’s Clutter On YOUR Serene and Creative Frequency series.

In this episode we are drawing things together by identifying some specific simple actions to take in the face of the biggest sources of noise in our lives right now.

Moving Towards and Away

We are driven by a mixture of “towards” and “away-from” motivations in life.

Towards Motivations take us in the direction of the thing or things we want more of.

Away-From Motivations drive us to eliminate things that cause us pain or discomfort.

In this series we’ve identified the sources of noise we want to move away from. But as we’ve been exploring, this is not always enough. We also need to have something positive to move towards.

It’s sometimes hard to know what we want instead. ESPECIALLY when the noise is overwhelming, distracting, and fogging up our vision. So that is what we are doing in this final part of the series.

Vehicles and Controls

I hope this has reminded you that you ARE in the driving seat and there is a lot that you still have control over. Even though there are many things that happen in life which are beyond our control.

There are many things that happen that completely throw us. And there are forces beyond our control that create huge noise and overwhelm at times. We are not trying to escape or hide.

This series has been about finding a foothold of empowerment so we might instead become aware and we can respond to those things.

To use the driving seat metaphor, we get to choose what we do with the controls in front of us. We might pull over into a service station and take a break. We can use the windscreen wipers, change our speed, put on the lights, shift gears, or set the atmospheric conditions. There are many tools and potential choices at our disposal.

The Return to Serenity Island

If you’ve found this series helpful, you will love The Return to Serenity Island course.

If you’ve had enough of this drift and you’re exhausted from following paths and patterns that leave you feeling disconnected, tired, and at odds with your own inner creative, playful, joyful spirit, then maybe it’s time to Return to Serenity Island with me.

Place down the heavy baggage you’re carrying around right now. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms, and we can move through the fog together. It’s time to see what’s waiting in the clearing beyond it.

I’d love you to discover and fully experience a glorious technicolour island that is bursting with vibrancy, energy, and life. This is you. It’s your place of being. Your past. Your future. Your present. It’s your home. And it’s where you are home.

Serenity Island is your dynamic story of becoming. And it’s ready for its next chapter to be written by you.

Just go to serenityisland.me to find out more and get signed up.

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