354 | Tune Into YOUR Frequency

This is the third part of the series, Beyond The Noise: Respond to Life’s Clutter On YOUR Serene and Creative Frequency series.

In last week’s episode we looked at the position we take in relation to life’s noise. Are we empowered or disempowered?

In this part we will be manoeuvring into a position of awareness so we might recognise the things we CAN change.

We’ve defined serenity as the calmness, clarity and confidence to engage with life in step with our personal vision and in alignment with our core values.

We feel serene by acknowledging we’re in the right place, doing the right thing, at this particular time. It is a sense of deep acceptance and peace in this moment. And this will help us identify the frequency on which WE WANT to CHOOSE to operate.

In this episode we will think about:

  • Inside-Out Boundaries – how a good ‘no’ to what we don’t want starts with a ‘yes’ to what we DO want
  • The difference between passivity and acceptance (and how we might distinguish between them for ourselves)
  • The importance of the words we use when it comes to embracing a position of power in relation to the noise
  • How to identify clear and simple actions you COULD take next

The Return to Serenity Island (Responding to the Fog of Noise)

We might know the fog is there when we are unable to see the path ahead. It leaves us struggling for a sense of direction, and it can cause us to lose our feeling of belonging on the map altogether.

We might be waiting for it to blow over, or we might be fighting it in an effort to ‘just keep moving’ at all costs.

But the noise keeps coming. And life seems to be happening around us, as we drift like passive observers rather than active participants.

It’s time to become a playful participant in your own adventure story again.

What is waiting for you beyond the fog?

I want to invite you on an adventure.

It’s time to connect with the beauty of your unconventional life, and begin writing the next chapter of your story.

What part do you want to play in your story of being and becoming?

Learn more about The Return to Serenity Island Course here.

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