353 | Sorting Through The Internal Clutter

This is the second part of the series, Beyond The Noise: Respond to Life’s Clutter On YOUR Serene and Creative Frequency series.

In last week’s episode we looked at ‘Feedback Loops’ and how external sensory information can become overwhelming noise. We also thought about the biggest sources of noise for us right now.

In this part we will consider the way we respond to the second question I recently asked subscribers to my newsletter…“What is one thing that would make you feel more serene about your noisy situation?”

I am interested to explore how we approach our response to this question. Where do we position our sense of power in relation to life’s noise?

  • Are we in a place of personal empowerment? Where we are able to identify what we want and are able to do to address the noise.
  • Are we feeling disempowered? Defining the “one thing that would make us feel better” as something outside our control. For example a change in someone else’s behaviour or a lottery win.
  • Or are we somewhere in between? Knowing what we can’t change and telling ourselves we need to accept and be at peace with that. But without a plan to take ourselves away from the source of noise.

In this part of the series we look into the default position to which we tend to jump. We will consider ways in which we can change the stories we tell ourselves so we can recalibrate and re-orientate ourselves in relation to the challenging situations and people that cause us stress.

Do you recognise one or more of these default reactions?

  • Other people just need to grow up and change
  • I need to suck it up and just get over myself
  • I should just keep doing what makes them happy for now…eventually I’m bound to be given the chance to do what I want to do
  • I just need to know I’m doing the best I can
  • Let’s just see how it all pans out – it’ll probably blow over eventually
  • Someone should do something about this, it’s outrageous!
  • I need to find someone who will protect or rescue me

We will think about where these positions might come from, and how we might begin changing the story if the current one is no longer serving us.

Inner Clutter From Prohibitions and Injunctions

We might also use internal clutter words like ‘ought to’, ‘should’, and ‘must’ as well as their negative inversions, ‘ought not’, ‘shouldn’t’, and ‘must not’, to attempt driving action. But these lead us to feel disempowered and overwhelmed about our situations.

In the next part we will use a simple technique to turn these clutter words inside out. And transform how we frame the actions we will choose to take in the face of noise into calming, powerful, and highly imaginable possibilities that feel good and exciting to us.

A Voice of My Own

At the end of this episode I share a recent guest post that Sophia wrote on The Haven blog.

You can read it here: A Voice of My Own.

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