352 | Stepping Through The Noise

In this episode I introduce the first part of a mini series I’ll share over the next few weeks. It has emerged out of our dive into the latest Haven theme of Serenity and a couple of questions I asked through my newsletter.

During November I invited readers to share the biggest source of noise in their life right now. And to identify one thing that would make them feel more serene about the situation. It was interesting to see such a diverse set of responses to both questions.

My conclusion…wow the world is noisy for a lot of us right now and the noise is coming from all angles!

I really wanted to do something positive to respond to it. Which is where this short series has come from.

Beyond the Noise: Respond to Life’s Clutter On YOUR Serene and Creative Frequency

In the series we explore the source of noise, the cost of noise, and the position WE WANT to choose in response to it. It’s about nurturing more serenity for ourselves by becoming more aware of and cultivating an empowered relationship with the noise in our lives.

We will identify some of the default scripts that we might run in response to overwhelm and clutter. So that we can put ourselves in the driving seat with our fingers on the buttons and dials of life.

All in light of the Serenity Prayer, which reminds us to accept the things we can’t control (a lot of inner noise comes from thoughts and feelings related to this), find the courage to change the things we can (the things we CAN do in response to noise might not always occur to us), and nurture the wisdom to know the difference.

In this first part we explore:

  • The sort of noise that starts outside of us and how it can cause a disturbance, often without our awareness
  • How we inadvertently create feedback loops that give rise to an inner fogginess and inability to see with the clarity we desire
  • Where the greatest sources of noise are for us right now
  • What to do when we can’t just ‘turn off the noise’ (and why serenity is not life without noise)
  • The looping stories we tell ourselves when the noise becomes internal clutter, and how we might recognise them when they arrive through tales of guilt, shame, envy, and resentment
  • What might happen if we allow our Noise Stories to dictate our actions
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