350 | The Threat of Calmness

How do calmness, gentleness, and serenity pose a threat to the modern world?

This might sound like a strange question to ask. But in this week’s episode we explore the subversive and even potentially destructive power of the ‘softer’ side of things.

We will examine the innate tug of war between our desire for inner peace and our restless drive to shake things up. And we are thinking about where serenity and calmness fit in relation to our creative ambitions, as well as our relationship with change, growth, and personal development.

Reasons to Feel Hopeful

I would love to make this a playful and positive exploration of these ideas. And I want you to feel calm, and energised after listening to the podcast. Despite the state of things right now, there are still many reasons to feel hopeful and peaceful.

We are humans. We are creative beings. And as such we are have extraordinary capacity for unimaginable things.

If we use our capacity and potential in expansive and loving ways through this kind of fierce calmness, gentleness, and serenity, we will always find the cracks where the light gets in. And we really need gentle rebels to be channelling light through those cracks right now!

In the episode we will dive into some of this stuff…

  • Serenity as the integration between our values and our actions, and how we can use this to avoid getting blown about by fads, fashions, and panic
  • Why anxiety, resentment, loneliness, urgency, and a feeling of precariousness are all part of the plan to get us to act against our best interests
  • How we might begin to recognise the smoke and mirrors that keep us all on edge, and expand our spirit of action from a place of calm intentionality
  • The importance of ‘self-belonging’ as the foundation for deeper awareness, clarity, and confidence about the important things
  • How we can enjoy our dissatisfaction by replacing our consumer spirit with a creative spirit
  • Why there will always be another song, poem, or book to write, another conversation to have, another occasion to celebrate, and another death to mourn
  • How the presence of an object always reveals its inadequacy, while its absence allows us to find it satisfying (From Todd McGowan’s book, Capitalism and Desire)
  • Why serenity, calmness, and gentleness are disruptors to the energy of urgency, scarcity, and reactive volatility that keeps us hunting for ‘The One’…what if there is no ‘One’?
  • The importance of looking beneath the surface levels of life so we can treat the source not the symptom
  • Why Highly Sensitive People might need permission that says, “don’t just do something, pause and take a breath”

If you have any thoughts to share on this episode you can leave a comment below or get in touch on social media. Please do share it with anyone you think will find it encouraging or helpful.

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