346 | Lose Like You Mean It

Do you ever leave notes for yourself?

I use the Evernote Scratch Pad to record thoughts that pop into my head when I’m busy. They’re usually a couple of words, a sentence, or a quote that I’ve heard.

I intend to process the ‘inbox’ daily so that I can expand on them for the sake of my future self. But I usually forget.

I took a look at my messy digital brain zone a few days ago (I wanted a fresh writing prompt). And I found this:

“When it comes to life there is no way to win, but there are ways to lose more meaningfully…” (September 4th, 08:06am)

Umm ok, sure!

Judging by the time I think I was probably making a coffee at the time #CoffeeThoughts

In this week’s Extended Play Episode I talk about the deep yearning I felt when taking this photo, watching the sun disappear beyond the horizon

I LOVE finding notes I don’t remember writing.

As much as anything, it’s a great reminder that context matters. Oh, and that I should definitely process my idea inbox a lot more regularly!

Something might seem glaringly obvious and true in its moment of recording. But come to it two weeks later and I’m flummoxed. What was I thinking? What was going on in my head?

What On Earth Was I Thinking?

It’s like waking up from a vivid dream. You think ‘there is absolutely no way I could ever forget this’. Because in that moment it feels SO concrete and impossible to lose. But an hour later when you try to recall it, BANG! It’s completely gone. And you may have absolutely no clue what the dream was even vaguely about.

Well here’s our clue. At least we have SOMETHING to go on…

“When it comes to life there is no way to win, but there are ways to lose more meaningfully”

I want to use this podcast as a treasure map. Let’s see if we can take that clue and build on it as we navigate my brain-scape. We will dig for any nuggets that might be lurking beneath the surface.

On our mini quest we explore the following:

  • How we get caught hacking at the thicket when we could take the clearer path towards creative and personal breakthroughs
  • Why “the work is often a lot easier than we tend to make it”
  • My re-discovery of painting and its reminder of a particular time of relational flow I experienced with my grandparents when I was a child
  • Why the day after your birthday (birth anniversary, not literal birthday – though it probably still applies), might feel like the worst day of the year
  • The very real grief that comes from achieving goals and accomplishing meaningful pursuits
  • How winning can become a tragedy if we don’t understand its cost – and why feeling sad in the midst of success does not make you ungrateful or selfish
  • Why despite appearances, this is all a source of great joy and meaning in life

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