332 | Creativity, Tranquility, and Inspiration (Summer 2021)

During The Haven year we explore 9 broad pillars of gentle rebellion (change, belonging, serenity, strength, confidence, adventure, creativity, tranquility, and inspiration). The Summer Season is about to start, where we will be looking at those final three themes. And in this episode of the podcast I discuss the angles from which we will explore them this year.

This year’s lens has been ‘Letting Go’. In particular the notion that if we want to get a better grip of things, sometimes we need to release them first. We often think we can gain control by holding tighter. But this is rarely true. And it’s certainly not true when it comes to allowing more creativity, tranquility, and inspiration to flow through our lives.

So much of our world is underpinned by a desire for control. We take the self-organising, organic, interconnectedness of being. And turn it into predictable, measurable, mineable systems that can be reproduced with scale and efficiency.

There is a time and place for this. But when we apply it to everything, we can end up alienating ourselves from ourselves and the world around us.

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In This Episode I Discuss:

  • The difference between mechanic and organic approaches to creativity. And the dangers with systematising and mechanising every part of our lives.
  • Why nurturing good conditions for creative growth is more rewarding than following systems of productivity.
  • How my definition of creativity can apply to every area of life…“to bring something into the world that wouldn’t exist in the way it does without your presence in the process of its becoming”
  • Why there is a difference between the deliverable containers of creative work (books, CDs, prints etc) and the work itself. And how being aware of that difference can set us free.
  • The difference between inside-out (positive) boundaries, and outside-in (negative) boundaries. Why both are necessary, but need not be confused.
  • How our sense of tranquility is established at the doorways in and around our lives.
  • Why ‘inspirational stories’ are not always what they seem to be.
  • What we actually connect with when we hear inspiring tales of success…we want the green light to fail successfully.
  • The way we’ve been socially conditioned by stories that drop us off at the beginning, believing it’s the end.

And I play a couple of songs to test drive my new microphone setup. Gravel Heart (Arrow of Time EP) and This Grave (Year 0).

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