321 | Entitlement

It is said that we live in the age of entitlement. Where society enjoys so much privilege, that it’s lost perspective of what truly matters.

The ’sense of entitlement’ is an accusation we see levelled at young people. As if it’s emerged from nowhere, dreamed up by “the youth of today” in order to annoy older people.

But it’s not; it’s a path of no resistance, along which we’ve been travelling for decades. We’ve created high levels of anxiety through confusing marketing, advertising, and social media messaging. On the one hand “you are not enough” but by the same stroke “you are worth it”.

Well, which is it?

As gentle rebels we can start to recognise how the entitlement mentality is not only a symptom of some deeper issue, but it’s also the fuel that keeps the fires burning. And find small steps to shake off our own entitled actions and thoughts, but also to come together and decide the collective values that we not only want to pretend we hold together, but to actually honour them in the way we live.

I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I don’t have many. But I’d love to have a conversation about this because it’s yet another source of division within ourselves, between ourselves, and across society.

In the episode I talk about

  • The definition of entitlement as a person’s belief that they deserve privileges or recognition just because of who they are. Not because of what they have done to earn them.
  • How it’s unhelpful to limit the conversation about entitlement to one of personal responsibility. Without acknowledging the important role of collective values and spirit.
  • Examples of entitlement in every day life, and the negative impact it has on individuals, businesses, and communities.
  • How entitled people are often disempowered people. And rather than always being a by-product of an over-inflated sense of one’s own self importance, it might be the opposite (insecurity, anxiety, and self-doubt).
  • Ways we can begin to turn the tide on the entitlement epidemic. Not just for ourselves, but in how we imagine the future we are building together.
  • And a lot more…

Over to You

How have you experienced entitlement in your life? What will you do this week to gently push forwards towards a more connected and collaborative world?

I’d love to hear your response! Please leave it below, email me, or get in touch through social media.

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  1. Just sending a note to thank you for keeping up with your heart and mind to speak out assertively on what is going through my mind. I love the compare and contrast element that so goes beyond the “simplistic”. You are on a “roll”. We need positive catalysts!

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