#184: Forget What You’ve Heard, The Comfort Zone is Your Friend [Podcast]

What is your capacity level? Are you ready for anything?

Do you wish you had better skills or were more focussed on one project? Maybe you want to make better progress towards a particular goal but you just don’t seem to have what it takes to get there right now.

You see the same response from many places: “if you want to grow then you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone”.

No Pain No Gain No Rest, No Best

‘Get out of your comfort zone’ is all well and good, but then what? You’ve done the presentation that scared you senseless, you’ve asked out that person you’ve had your eye on for a while, or you’ve gone and done a major workout at the gym. Important short term tasks to undertake if you are serious about achieving a certain outcome in the longer term.

Great work…now it’s time to get back in your comfort zone to consolidate.

Comfort Zone is a Friend

Human cell regeneration and growth happens, not when we put ourselves through pain but when recover from it through rest. It’s not at the gym when your muscle grows. It’s not during the presentation that you suddenly become a great communicator. And it’s when you’re asking someone out that you become full of confidence. No, these moments are bridges that expand the terrain of your ‘Capacity Zone’.

The growth and progress happens when you get back into your comfort zone and rest. Muscle tissue repairs during sleep. You collate and retain information for the presentation while you are unconscious.

Your capacity for growth literally expands as you sleep. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way in order to let our minds and bodies do what they do best…repair and grow.

Embrace Your Comfort Zone

Self-development and the expansion of our ‘Capacity Zone’ requires us to take the comfort zone seriously. To enjoy it and spend quality time in there.

In this episode of the podcast we explore some truths about what Beth Buelow describes as the Capacity Zone. I talk about why I find this so much more helpful to think about than comfort zone, and why it resonates with introverts and highly sensitive people in particular.

Or if you’d rather, this episode is also available on YouTube

A Tool To Help

Michael Hyatt has just launched a great free tool which will help you measure where you’re at right now. He has created this tool that helps us to measure progress so that we can become aware of exactly what areas we need to spend more time and energy on if we want to live the life that we love. Apparently it’s only available for a limited time so check it out now.

Once you discover your LifeScore, it gives you a great platform to understand the opportunities you have to grow your capacity zone. It’s a fantastic precursor to any goal setting you might do as you head towards 2017.



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