#173: The Highly Sensitive Podcaster – an Interview with Kelly O’Laughlin

This week we have a podcast first; believe it or not I’ve never before done an interview on the show…until now. I am joined by my friend and podcaster Kelly O’Laughlin, who is the founder and presenter of The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast.

I invited her onto the show to talk about the challenges and joys of being a highly sensitive podcaster and how these can apply more deeply to life as a HSP.

HSP Podcaster

The HS-Podcaster

With podcasting constantly growing in popularity as a platform it felt like a great opportunity to talk about how it can be a great tool for HSPs and introverts as well. It gives us the chance to speak to people without being truly aware of who is listening.

You will hear how both Kelly and I share many of the same experiences. And why we felt compelled to start podcasts in order to speak to and encourage other highly sensitive people. Podcasting is such a great way to connect with people because it is close and personal and something I hope many HSPs will continue to explore.

In this Episode you’ll discover:

  • The challenges HSPs face when launching and maintaining a podcast, but why it’s ultimately worth it
  • Where Kelly comes up with topics to talk about and how you can develop an endless pool of ideas
  • The surprising reason for Kelly’s amazing ability to keep episodes short and to the point
  • Why Kelly chose to bring interview guests onto her show and the challenges she faced doing so
  • How she copes with criticism and negative feedback, even when it’s hurtful and personal
  • The steps Kelly takes to generate income from her podcast without compromising the integrity of the show
  • Alternative views on using video and photos of yourself when building an online presence
  • Our best advice to HSPs and introverts who are thinking of starting a podcast but haven’t yet made the leap


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