#164: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person With Low Self-Esteem? [Podcast]

Our world suffers from a chronic self-esteem deficit.

We judge externalities and are forever encouraged to compare ourselves with one another. Capitalist society is built on this foundation.

Low Self-Esteem

Every advert seems to offer solutions to our low self-esteem but only after it does the job of telling us why we SHOULD have low self-esteem in the first place.

This never-ending barrage of shoulds tells us what we should look like, should eat, should possess, should do, should use, should wear. And with each should comes a pre-cursory ‘shouldn’t’…essentially wherever you’re at, whatever you look like, whatever you have, whatever you’re using right now. You need more.

And so we’re constantly left feeling like we are not where or who we need to be to fit in. This leads to a perpetual deficit of self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is the fuel in our economy

There is a lot written and spoken about low self-esteem in relation to highly sensitive people and introverts.

There are plenty of resources for boosting self-esteem, which is often equated to confidence (they are NOT the same). But just because you are highly sensitive and/or introverted it doesn’t mean you are naturally going to have low self-esteem.

In fact I believe that we have the potential for plenty of it because we are more likely to look inwards for meaning and a sense of worth for our lives.

Many HSPs are confident and happy, seeing and using their sensitivity as a gift to enhance their experience of life and the world. However there is a potential for self-esteem to diminish in someone whose trait is not understood or nurtured as it needs to be.

In this episode of the podcast I explore those reasons and look at some different ways we can boost our self-esteem as highly sensitive people and introverts. We can start today.

It is not an intrinsic part of being a highly sensitive person. Yes it is potentially more likely, but as we grow in awareness of the trait both as individuals and a community we will make it increasingly easier to thrive as HSPs in society and to choose our own path rather than attempting to cram ourselves into the expectations that others may have for us.

Over to You

Are you a highly sensitive person with low self-esteem? What steps are you going to take this week to change it? Please leave your answer in the comments below. It would be great to encourage one another!


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  1. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it. The idea that we try to live up to ideals of how to live our lives by just looking around at what others are doing and feeling that we ‘should’ be living in a similar way to be successful, is so pervasive now that I don’t think most people are really aware of it most of the time. It’s good to bring attention to how this can feel wrong for so many of us. I’m going to try and consciously do things that suit my preferred pace and values, for a start. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Jane. So glad you enjoyed the podcast. It’s so true what you say: we blindly follow the shoulds that unconsciously pervade our lives. We are capable of so much more (including more enjoyment and peace!) Really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks 🙂

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