#159: 7 ways NOT to Respond When Information Overload Strikes [Podcast]

Do you believe everything you read online?

Of course not. What a dumb question.

But I reckon that most of us believe more than we would like to think. We show that in the way we respond with outrage and hype whenever someone deserves the wrath of the mob.

Why do we react like this? I believe one of the reasons is information overload.

Information Overload

Battling Information Overload

We are all engaged in a constant battle to sort through the overwhelming quantity of information flying around the world. And it is up to us to decipher the useful and must know, from the stuff that is just noise that seems important but has no consequence (distractions).

When we respond to information overload without true consideration we do ourselves a potential disservice. We open ourselves up to all kinds of negative thoughts and actions.

In this episode I look at 7 ways we must not respond when information overload strikes.

  1. Fling Mud and Hold People Ransom
  2. Throw The Baby Out With the Bathwater
  3. Have Your Labels Think for You
  4. Have Others’ Labels Think for You
  5. Assume and Second Guess the Motives of Others
  6. Become A Highly Offendable Person
  7. Stop Learning and Growing

Over to You

What is your response to information overload? Do you recognise any of the tendencies I’ve mentioned in today’s episode? Please leave your response in the comments below.

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