#138: Some Amazing Truths About The Impact of Practice on Communication [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 138 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this episode I explore the power of practice on our ability to communicate ideas, stories, and ourselves in clear and simple ways.

Do you ever wonder what makes some people really good at getting their point across, while the rest of us struggle to communicate what we’re thinking?

The news is good because rather than it simply being a case that certain people are naturally gifted, the truth is they are good because they have done something all of us are able to do…

The Importance of Practice


There is a lot that we can learn from stand up comedy when it comes to communication. 

Comedy has one overriding objective: to make you laugh. It essentially fails if it doesn’t. So there is a lot of pressure on a comedian to get it right.

It is this pressure that turns comedians into absolute masters of simple and clear communication. And they don’t become masters of communication overnight. They do so by tirelessly applying themselves to one thing…PRACTICE.

In this episode I look at the link between practice and communication and explore how we can learn from sports people, artists, and teachers to realise that the key to knowing what you’re talking about is to say it so many times that if sounds like the first time you’ve ever said it.

Practice Breeds Belief

Ideas spread when people believe in them. Comedians speak to an audience of people who NEED to believe that this is the first and only time that what the performer is saying, has been said.

Obviously deep down we know that it’s not. Like we know that a touring band doesn’t really consider our home town as their favourite even when they say they do. But we still feel good when we hear it said, and because of the practice that has gone into saying it, we suspend our disbelief and play along when we hear it. 

I unpack the following truths about practice:

1. Practice Makes Not Perfect…It Makes Permanent

2. Practice Helps You Sound Like a Great Improvisor

3. Practice Shows You What Really Matters

4. Practice Hones Your Voice

5. Practice Listens for Stories and Anecdotes

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