#137: 9 Challenges for Introverts to Consider if Heading to University [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 137 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this episode I look back at my time at university and explore some of the challenges that introverts and highly sensitive people might experience in higher education.

I wanted to talk through some of the challenges that introverts in particular might face when going off to college or university. Maybe you are going soon, in which case this should give you some permissions and things to think about before you get there.

Or maybe someone you know is going soon. In that case, this might help you prepare THEM.

My aim is to help you see that the experience is not the same for everyone, that the concept of ‘being a student’ isn’t one that we all embrace equally, but that you also have tools at your disposal to make the absolute best of it.

Introverts at University

This time of year fills me with weird emotional memories of 10 years ago when I was preparing to pack up my life into a couple of bags and go off to university.

I didn’t know anything about what it meant to be an introvert or highly sensitive person when I went and so in this episode I think back at the amazing time I had with this lens in place. 

I want to encourage you (or those introverts you know who are embarking on this journey) to think about a few things in preparation before they go.

I explore issues in these particular areas:

1. Living Out for the First Time

2. Being Responsible for Yourself

3. Participation

4. The Work is Never Over

5. Social Clubs and Expectations

6. The Torment of a Library Filled with People

7. Impostor Syndrome

8. Student Culture

9. People…Everywhere!

Over to You

Do you have anything else to add to this list of challenges that introverts and highly sensitive people might face at university? I’d love to hear your experiences or questions so please leave them in the comments below.

  1. Halls of Residence where the “norm” is for room doors to be open and for people to wander in and out of each other’s rooms, i.e. no automatic default of privacy. Worse: being placed in a double or (in my case) TRIPLE room.

    1. Yeah that’s the norm. To close the door means you’re out, rude, or doing something you’d rather people don’t see…

      A TRIPLE room!? Ouch. How did that work out?

      1. One girl slept ALL the time (throughout the day as well), and constantly grumbled that we were waking her up. The other one went out all the time and would come back at 3am or 4am, which was fine, but would then turn on her music and carry on dancing or chatting with friends in our room! Eventually the sleeper moved into her own room and the other girl and I gave each other more space. I also started spending more time with like-minded friends, who provided a more comfortable environment to be in.

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