#128: 7 Learnable Qualities of Confidently Calm and Peaceful People [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 128 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this episode I discuss the inspiring qualities of calm and peaceful people, and what we can do to become more like them.

7 Characteristics of Calm and Peaceful People

Do you know someone who seems to retain calmness in all manner of circumstances, where most people would become flustered, angry and overwhelmed? They always appear peaceful and relaxed and as such attract others to them.

Perhaps they just know what to say and how to respond to anything. They seem to have more time in the way they handle chaos. And they are always the first port of call for others in need of advice.

They maintain a gentle and quiet confidence and are not easily swayed or distracted by trends and fashions. This is contagious. You can catch a new attitude towards the world when you spend a bit of time with them and you feel reassured and safe afterwards.

I know a number of people like this and it is always an absolute pleasure to spend time with them.

We often talk about how the energy levels of us introverts and highly sensitive people goes down in social situations. But peaceful people are have a lesser impact on the energy bar; they are the those you can be alone together with.

Their peace and calm is in essence permission for you to be yourself, to be alone whilst in company.

Over time we can all become more like these people. I have identified 7 qualities/characteristics that people who are calm and peaceful always seems to possess, to get us started:

  1. They Understand Who They Are
  2. They are People Who Are Peaceful, Not Peaceful People
  3. They Use the Space Between Stimulus and Their Response
  4. They Choose
  5. They Are Aware of Their Expectations
  6. They Are Fully Alive in the Moment
  7. They Constantly Renew Their Commitment to Gratitude

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