#082: Why are Lots of Introverts and HSPs Also Multipotentialites?

In this week’s episode I spend a short amount of time addressing one of the questions that was asked in the member’s Q&A session this week. Why are introverts and highly sensitive people also often multipotentialites?

This is taken from an hour long exclusive session that I did in the membership where I covered this and other questions from members that cover the following:

1.  Why introverts and highly sensitive people are often multipotentialites

2. What to Think About when Building Multiple Streams of Income

3. The implication of a sayings like “jack of all trades and a master of none” when talking about people with lots of interests and no particular ONE specialism

4. Whether Multipotentialism is a modern phenomena or if there are examples of multipotentialites through history.

5. What you say when people ask ‘what do you do?’ as a multipotentialite.

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Introvert HSP Multipotentialite

From my experience and observations the link between introversion/high sensitivity, and multipotentialism is down to three or more things:

  1. We Tend to be Dreamers
  2. We Tend to Think Deeply
  3. We Tend to Prepare Very Deeply

Over to You

Question: Do you identify as a multipotentialite? How does that play out in YOUR life? Please leave your answer in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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