00 | Introducing The Gentle Rebel Podcast

The Gentle Rebel Podcast is about locating more joy and creative purpose in everyday life. By working out how to slow down in a busy and hostile world.

We all carry a natural pace and rhythm that underpins who we are. And if we want to live healthy and effective lives, it can really help to be aware of how these inner tracks look and feel.

Be a Gentle Rebel in a Hostile World

The world is increasingly quick-tempered, hostile, and frantic. It can feel overwhelming at times. When we experience insensitivity, ungentleness, and aggressive selfishness, it is tempting to hide from life, retaliate in kind, or give up hope altogether. Especially when we feel and care about things deeply.

This is one of the reasons I love creating The Gentle Rebel Podcast. It gives me a source of meaningful connection with ideas, guests, and listeners.

It makes a difference when we know we’re not alone. And there are still reasons to be hopeful even when hope feels lost.

I want to encourage more people to locate, nurture, and enjoy their inner gentleness and playful rebellion in the face of such violence to the spirit.

Deep Roots Take Time To Grow

I’m a songwriter and professionally qualified personal development coach. Over the years I’ve particularly enjoyed working to support introverted and sensitive types in learning more about their natural preferences.

I love seeing people figure out how THEY want to approach life in order to make space for what makes life feel good and meaningful to THEM.

The smallest shifts can make the biggest difference. And it often starts when we allow ourselves to see the ways we’ve tried squeezing ourselves like square pegs in round holes. Because this allows us to understand what we need instead.

It’s Never Too Late For a Change

The Gentle Rebel Podcast reflects a premise I carry into all of my work; that it’s never too late to write the next chapter in our story of becoming.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what’s happened so far, there is always the possibility of a shift. And we always have at least the smallest speck of power in how we position ourselves in relation to the next chapter.

It can start with a simple question…what sort of world do I want to be part of creating?

We think about how gentleness becomes rebellious in a world that wants to keep us divided and afraid. And we focus on bringing more gentleness to becoming more of who we are through nine core themes: change, belonging, serenity, strength, confidence, adventure, creativity, tranquility, and inspiration.

Are you up for conducting experiments in gentleness, sensory awareness, personal growth, compassion, creativity, and play? You’re in the right place.

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